Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brugge Brasserie - Revisit

This is just a quick update on Brugge because I have reviewed it several times in the past and in general, am a pretty big fan.  We pretty much always get mussels ($19.95)—our current favorite flavor being the blue cheese and bacon.  I really like that no matter how heavy handed or light handed the cook is with the seasonings on any particular day, you can always taste both of those ingredients—and there are always big hunks of blue cheese scattered throughout to fish out of the broth.  This is what we had this time, as well as the last few times I have been with various people, and they have always been good.  Their frites are some of the best in Indy.  They are super crunchy and fresh. I am also still stuck on my favorite frites sauces, the aiolis (I like both, but particularly the raw garlic one), the blue cheese and the sherry vinegar with sea salt. 

This trip though, my 6 year old ordered the steak frites which is a hanger steak served with a big pile of their frites on top.  ($16.95) (You can also get it with fried eggs which also sounds amazing.)  I had heard this steak was good from other people, but had never gotten around to ordering it because I love the mussels so much.  My son is a steak guy though and we figured between the three of us we could share it all.  The steak was really quite good—hanger steak definitely has a slightly tougher consistency than something like a filet, but it was cooked perfectly and had a great flavor.  It was fairly heavily seasoned on the outside with a spice rub, which we thought was great, but my 6 year old is a bit of a purist.  I think if we got it plain, he would have enjoyed it more.

For the first time on this visit we also sat up on the upper deck—I really enjoyed this. There were a couple of tables in the shade and I love that you can see over the top of many of the buildings to big old walnut trees which I assume are along the river.  The tree top view is a much nicer one than the deck below.

Brugge is certainly a fairly regular place for us.  Well, it is for hubby and me at least, we are still working on the kids.  They are coming along slowly but surely though.

Brugge Brasserie
1011 A East Westfield Blvd.
Indy 46220

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  1. "Les Moules" Joe in CincinnatiJuly 12, 2012 at 10:15 AM

    Our last visit was last fall and we were upstairs. First, the good. The staff was incredibly nice, the beer choice great and we shared tastes of various dishes with total strangers around us.

    The bad,in my opinion, was the too bland seasoning in the sauce on the mussels and some ""stuck together" fries which meant that they either sat too long and or the fat wasn't up to temperature when they we're fried. My top North American site for mussels remains Montreal at this time.

    We're anxious to see what becomes of the new site on Mass Ave with Greg Hardesty's input on the cuisine. We'd also hope for a less "industrial" and more true "brasserie" experience.