Thursday, July 26, 2012


Recently I posted about a sushi meal and the day I posted it, there were several comments discussing sushi, which of course instantly put me back in the mood.  I did want to at least try something new though, so hubby and I decided to try Izakaya.  It took us a few minutes to find it because it is back in a strip mall area off to the side, but we finally did.  When we walked in, I liked the interior (other than it was freezing of course).  It is modern and feels a little nicer than a lot of Japanese restaurants. They also offer hibachi grills, so we may have to go try that with the kids one of these days.

They have a lunch special that includes ordering a couple of rolls (from a list of choices) for $9.95, which is what I got.  I picked the tuna roll with avocado and the shrimp tempura roll.  It is a pretty good deal considering one of the rolls on the regular menu is $8.95.  I can’t say I loved one better than the other—the tuna was nice and fresh—it was pretty simple though.  I would have liked a little more avocado.  But it was a nice bite sized roll.  The shrimp tempura roll was good too.  I liked the variation in texture, and having a little crunch to it with the tempura shrimp inside as well as the tempura bits on top.    Both of the rolls hit the spot and satisfied the craving.  I didn’t have any major complaints.  You also got a bowl of miso soup included with your lunch—it was your standard miso soup with seaweed and little chunks of tofu.

Hubby got the shrimp tempura lunch for $8.95.  It was several shrimp tempura (there were 3 or 4) and quite a fair amount of vegetables.  Interestingly, the crunchy outside part on the shrimp was a little different from what was on the veggies—the shrimp was almost more like panko in texture—a much crunchier, breadier, and thicker coating.  It was honestly a little too thick—it made the shrimp seem very small in comparison.  There were several kinds of veggies—asparagus, squash, a large onion ring, zuchinni and a mushroom.  The batter on these was more of your traditional batter-tempura type and we both liked it better—it wasn’t so thick that it overwhelmed the veggies themselves.  It also came with soup and a bowl of steamed rice.

Overall, it hit the spot and the service was fast and friendly.  When we first sat down, there weren’t many people there and the air conditioning was on full blast and it was freezing.  But it was one of the few places I have eaten in which I asked for it to be turned down and they went and turned it off.  Usually you just get an eye roll when you complain about being cold around here.

Anyone been to the hibachi part? I am curious to know if it is good.

7325 East 96th Street
Fishers, IN
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  1. My daughter and I did the hibachi last winter as a part of a wedding. They handled the large party very well, and it was fun. Food-wise, it was good but was your standard hibachi fare.

  2. The hibachi side is right on par with Tomo imo. Both are great!

  3. There is a place at 37 & Greenfield Avenue that I really like for lunch... you can get a double roll special or a bento lunch (which is huge). It's in the former Dick's BBQ location. I can't recall the name right now, but it's definitely worth a try if you haven't been. I've only done the lunch specials so far so I can't comment on much else on the menu though.

    1. The place you speak of is called Kobiachi, and is fabulous. Service is good, food is exceptional and lunch is the best deal ever! We have done dinner too and it is great too. Been lots of times and only once was I disappointed in meal but they were packed and so crowded and it was lunch time and my chicken and vegetable entree had undercooked onions mixed veggies. I could have easily sent it back and they would have brought another, but I didn't have the extra time. I took it home in a doggie bag, next day I recooked it and had it for lunch and it was great. Highly recommend.

  4. The hibachi at Izakaya has become our go-to "occasion" restaurant - partly because it's so close to our house, partly because it's really good and I don't feel like I smell as much as I do when I leave Benihana. The hibachi chefs are pretty good, mostly friendly, and the food is good. AND they let me create my own combo - calamari and scallops. Total win for me. The other win is that our kid still wants chicken nuggets and fries and they will serve him that at our hibachi table. Great stuff all around for us.

  5. thanks everyone, we will definitely have to try the hibachi soon. Sounds like everyone likes it.

    @tryindy, let me know if you remember the name!

  6. We had the best service when we went here back in March, will definitely go back when I am up that way again!