Monday, June 4, 2012

One World Market

At Castleton the other day because I had to be, and trying to figure out a place to eat lunch that a) wasn’t a chain and b) didn’t suck. I threw it up on twitter and I have to say, you guys came through for me big time with some really good ideas. Sushi sounded good though, so I decided to try the One World Asian market which also does sushi and other Japanese dishes. 

I liked the whole “build your own roll thing” and decided to go with that ($10.55 for a roll with soy paper, one fish, two veg-type ingredients and a sauce—tempura crispies free). So I chose tuna, avocado, and tempura asparagus in soy paper with some crunchies and some spicy mayo on the side. It included a cup of miso soup as well. I also got a tempura shrimp on the side ($1.50). I liked that you could just order several things like this a la carte—I wish more places did this. It gave me the chance to try something else. 

So, as for the roll, it was fine. The asparagus was quite tasty actually—still warm from being freshly fried. The thing I didn’t like about the roll though was its size—the circumference of the pieces was about the same size as the bottom of a soda can. Ok, I know I complain about this issue a lot, but who can eat that in one bite? Or maybe you aren’t supposed to—but when you have to take 2 bites for each piece (which I did), you don’t get all the ingredients in each bite which is a bummer. The tuna was a little mushy too—not sure how else to explain it. I only used a little of the spicy mayo—it was your classic spicy mayo. Anyway, I guess I like my rolls a little smaller in size so you can just pop them into your mouth without fighting with it. 

The soup that came alongside was your classic miso soup with seaweed and lots of hunks of tofu (my favorite part). The shrimp tempura was crazy fried. The fried part on the outside was as thick as the shrimp was wide. Honestly, it was fresh and really crunchy, but it was almost hard to taste the shrimp for all the fried stuff. 

The thing I probably most liked about this place was how nice and welcoming the staff was—all greeting you when you walked it. The place is really a food market with a little corner of seating, so the atmosphere is minimal, and sort of school cafeteria in feel. But in Castleton, with so many chains, it was nice to support a local place with such a friendly staff. And I got some of my favorite Japanese gum afterwards. 

One World Market 
8466 Castleton Corner Drive 
Indy 46250 

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  1. Yay! This is like my favorite place to go on weekends. I suggest you try their dons or udon next time!