Thursday, June 28, 2012

Alibi's Grill

Always looking for good places to take the kids, thanks to a recommendation from twitter, and since it has been on my list for years I think, we decided to finally give Alibi’s a try.  It always seemed more like a bar to me, but they have made it a family friendly pub, and while it was mainly adults, there were a few kids in there besides for ours.  They were having trivia night also which was kind of fun to listen in on—even my son enjoyed some of the questions.

Anyway, I was intrigued by the fact that while it is your standard bar food kind of place, they claim that 90% of the food is made in-house and that they use local ingredients as much as possible.  It’s a big menu though, and we frankly weren’t sure what to get.  Our server was pretty honest and steered us away from certain things (Italian beef) and directed us toward a few others.  We ended up getting the chicken ranch bacon club sandwich ($8.99) and a small pizza with mushrooms and red onions (around $12).

The sandwich was the superior item and you know, it was pretty good.  I don’t know, maybe I just don’t get that excited by a chicken sandwich or something, but as far as they go, this is certainly one of the better ones.  The chicken breast is hand breaded and fried and was really very tender and juicy which is always the challenge with this kind of sandwich.  It was topped with Swiss cheese, several strips of bacon and housemade ranch dressing (according to their menu, they make all their dressings in house).  The bacon was a little soft, but had good flavor—you could really taste it even with everything else going on and the ranch and cheese added a good amount of gooiness so that it wasn’t dry at all.  We also got onion rings on the side for any up charge and they were not bad, although they could have stood to be a little hotter.  And I am guessing they are part of the 10% of things not being made in house.  They were the batter-type though with a decent flavor.

The menu also says the pizza crust is all homemade as is the sauce.  We got the extra thin crust and I liked that it was nice and crispy—not soggy at all.  There was nothing about it that I had any real problem with—there just wasn’t anything that made me get overly enthused either. I guess I was hoping for a little more flavor from the crust, but it seemed like most of the flavor of this pie came from the cheese which was just kind of boring.  Also, I am not sure why no pizza place ever puts a decent amount of mushrooms on a pizza (what, because they are so expensive or something? Give me a break), but this one was no different.  There were ample red onions, although $1.50 per topping seemed a bit much for two veggie toppings.

It is definitely a neighborhood place, and I can see why people would frequent it over similar chains.  Not only is it local, but the food is certainly better than those places.  People were pleasant, although the service was a little slow.  Our server had way too many tables to really give everyone good service.  Anyway, I would of course love to know if you all have been here and had something you really like in case we decide to try it again.

7381 North Shadeland Avenue
Indy 46250
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