Thursday, June 7, 2012

City Café - Revisit

The BFF and I had been trying to plan a trip to City Café for quite some time. She had wanted to give it a try since she read my first review of it awhile back.  And she ordered the tenderloin (as in, beef) sandwich that I had that first time and loved it just as well as I did the first time. That sandwich is really good.  But, because I am a dedicated blogger, I ordered something different this time (hubby would tell you that once we discover something really good, I never let him eat it again because I always have to get something new, but I would say that isn’t exactly true.)

Anyway, I had the BLT wrap ($7.00) mainly because it featured Smoking Goose bacon which I have a thing for.  It also had chopped tomato and romaine lettuce, avocado and chipotle aioli. I am particular about wraps and will only order them in certain places now because they usually suck, but this one was pretty good.  (In theory I like wraps because they aren’t as bready, but usually they aren’t very well seasoned either and on the whole contain too much lettuce).  The main ingredient in this one was the bacon which was a mighty good thing because that bacon is so good—it is Applewood smoked and they cooked it perfectly.  Tomatoes aren’t really that good yet unfortunately and they didn’t have a lot of taste. I liked the aioli, although I decided I wanted a little more on the wrap, which they kindly brought.  Also great for dipping the housemade potato chips. The avocado was perfect and ripe (in my opinion, you can’t really have too much unless it isn’t ripe)

This is a great little lunch spot. I wish it was near me so I could try everything. But I am pretty sure the next time I am going back to that beef tenderloin sandwich. One of the best steak sandwiches ever.
City Café
443 North Pennsylvania Street
Indy 46204

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  1. Erin - if you ever get a chance try them for breakfast. It's our go to spot on Saturdays and super kid friendly (they are closed Sundays). They always have two specials - a sweet and a savory. Plus, their eggs benedict is the best I've ever had and the cinnamon rolls are out of this world