Friday, April 10, 2009

R Bistro

Finally! We had a meal in a restaurant in which everything came together. R Bistro is one of the few restaurants around that just exudes professionalism with just about everything that goes on from the hostess, to the servers, to the food itself. You are greeted promptly and like they are actually happy to have you (no eye rolling involved) and seated at a table that isn’t right next to the only other seated table in the place, and promptly greeted by your server who asks if you want tap water before it is poured. I tend to like sparkling water myself (as does hubby) but once the water is already poured, I just let it go.

So I got my sparkling water, ordered some wine and decided what to get. I asked the server some questions about the menu, which he answered with great knowledge of each item. I have never had a server here who wasn’t extremely knowledgeable about the menu, and very professional. I think I understand why they put their names on the menu now. I should say we generally walk in knowing what we want, because we get the changing weekly menus emailed to us. Whenever we see one we both like, we know we have to go, because whatever it is, if it is ingredients you like, when it is cooked at R Bistro, you can be confident it will be cooked well. My only problem is sometimes it can be awhile (particularly in the fall and winter I find) before I see a menu that really strikes my fancy.

This menu, however, struck a cord with both of us, and there were several items I could have happily chosen. But I decided on the scallops appetizer which was perfectly seared and caramelized scallops (three of them) served a top a crisp tortilla with avocado spread, which were layered on top of chopped tomatoes and drizzled with a sort of chimichurri-type sauce that was just delicious. All the components worked so well together to make an outstanding dish. Hubby had one and agreed.

Hubby started with the lamb carpaccio which I had a bit of, which was also super good. Carpaccio is generally very thinly sliced raw meat served with different things on top. I am not sure, I think this lamb may have been flash seared before being sliced, but no matter, it was perfectly tender and flavorful. It was served with R Bistro’s take on traditional tartare accompaniments, capers, mustard aioli, diced cornichons (I think) and diced onion. I had a hard time deciding which I liked better.

For my main, I had the clams with spicy sausage, fennel and fettuccine. When I saw this dish on the menu, I flashed back to a meal I had at some little dive in Portugal which consisted of clams and small pieces of sausage in a spicy, smoky broth. It was one of those things I stumbled on and never have forgotten, so I was anxious to try this dish. It was different, not as brothy, and the pasta made it more of a pasta dish, but it was still really good. I liked that the sausage was more like a ragu on the pasta than really big pieces of sausage (of which I am generally not a fan). The flavors were more delicate but just as good, if in a different way.

Hubby had the quail and also really liked it—I had a small bite and it was nice. It was served with warm potato salad and amazing bacony Swiss chard.

Anyway, it bears repeating, thank you R Bistro for producing a consistently high quality, wonderful dining experience in this City (including making the customer feel welcome). And thank you for caring enough to change the menu every week—there are so few restaurants in Indy that change their menus enough and nothing gets me more excited than knowing the next time I come, the food will be completely different, but consistently good!

R Bistro
888 Massachusetts Ave
Indy, 46204

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  1. Sounds like a great meal. I am going to try R Bistro soon. I have heard nothing but good things. I wish a lot of restaurants in Indy would read the last paragraph of your review and get with the program.