Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Binford Café

Again we stumbled onto this place because we were trying to go somewhere else a reader had recommended that wasn’t open (seems to be happening a lot lately). It is a little breakfast/lunch spot I have noticed driving along Binford a number of times.

It was a Sunday lunchtime when we went, with the kids, and the place was almost full, but there were a couple tables still available. The menu is very basic, and very breakfast oriented (especially on Sunday actually, because they don’t serve anything on the lunch menu except some basics like grilled cheese (my daughter was happy)). So I figured I should probably go for breakfast and just got the full on bacon and eggs, hash browns and toast. It was fine, but a lot like what you would make at home, no better really. And the hash browns were clearly the frozen kind that weren’t cooked quite crispy enough.

Hubby had biscuits and gravy and I could tell he wasn’t a huge fan because he was pushing a lot of it around on his plate. He said the gravy was really peppery.

The kids had the aforementioned grilled cheese and pancakes (which they put little smiley faces on which was cute) but the pancakes were a bit soggy. And a funny thing when I asked about the banana nut pancakes on special, specifically what kind of nuts were in them (my son is allergic to some kinds), our server said, “I don’t know, it’s a mix.”

This server must be one of the owners, she was pretty much running the front of the place and she seemed like she had been doing it awhile. Her attitude was, well, quite brisk to put it nicely. None of that “how are you today” or anything like that, just straight to the point (ie, “I don’t know, it’s a mix.”)

Basically this place is a very cheap place to go and get breakfast that you could make at home if you just don’t feel like it or don’t know how to cook. The food wasn’t offensive or anything, and the bacon was pretty good actually, but you could easily do better at home if you’re so inclined.

Binford Café
6406 Rucker Road
Indy 46220


  1. Indy has a lot of these places that simply do nothing more than we can do at home. I wish there was a progressive breakfast or even an old school greasy spoon that had great hash browns or some type of hook.

  2. well, my fave greasy spoon breakfast spot is Sunrise Cafe. They have great hashbrowns. It is over across from the Fashion mall in a strip mall. And I think there is maybe another location in Fishers.

  3. My husband and I checked out Tulip Noir
    (http://www.tulipnoircafe.com/home.html) this weekend for breakfast.
    The food was very tasty and service was eager to please (albeit
    somewhat inexperienced). Check it out.