Monday, June 24, 2019

Perillo's Pizza

My sister lives out in Danville and has been telling me to try this pizza place out that way for ages. I have to say, driving that far and through Avon no less is a bit of a turn off traffic-wise, but when my brother in law was performing in a local community theatre production, we figured it was finally a good time to see him and to try a place out there—Perillo’s it was. It’s actually in North Salem, if you are familiar with the area.
I have to say, the downtown is super cute. It’s one of those old timey small centers of town with some cute shops and restaurants, and a few places that are out of business too sadly (always hard for those types of areas). 

So we started with their garlic rolls ($5.50 for 5). You can get marinara or cheese sauce. We had both. These were tasty—I liked the cheese on top of the rolls. The cheese sauce was not your pure nacho cheese flavor and was a little more interesting than that. I also had a salad that is their house salad ($2.99)—it is Greek style salad with lettuce, olives, red onions, feta and tomato. They have a nice tangy Italian dressing too.

Unfortunately, I think I enjoyed the two starters more than I ended up liking the pizza. While the flavor of the toppings was really good (mushroom and red onion (about $17 for ours)), there was maybe too much sauce on it, and the topping sort of slid around on the crust. The taste was good, but it all just came across a little too squishy. And I do like the crumbled sausage they use as well-call me old fashioned. The pizza is New York style pizza, but just not exactly the right texture and consistency to make it exactly perfect for my ideal pizza. Considering how lacking we are in New York style pizza though, it’s not a bad option for Indiana. And these are big pizzas.

All in all, I like the charming environment of the restaurant and the food was pretty good. It’s not the best New York style option I have had, but certainly not the worst either.

5 South Broadway St
North Salem, IN 46165

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