Monday, July 2, 2018

Pure Eatery Fishers

Always looking for a healthier option for lunch, I met my friend Suzanne at Pure Eatery in Fishers. They have had a location downtown for years, and I haven’t been there for years, so I thought I would give the new one a try. I find the menu appealing. There are lots of sandwiches and wraps and things like that, and I like that you can order a half sandwich if you want to not eat too much. 

I went with a half of the Grady’s melt ($5.95) plus a side salad ($1.95 upcharge from chips). I like a sandwich named after someone, because I always think it is something that someone developed after putting thought into it—and that it is a perfect reflection of their perfect sandwich. Or something like that. So this sandwich is sourdough bread, white cheddar, bacon, tomato and garlic-parmesan aioli. This sounds pretty close to one of my ideal sandwiches. I have to say though, that while I ate it and didn’t hate it, there are certainly easy ways to improve it. For instance, the bacon was like tiny bacon bits, which I thought was odd. Bacon seems born to go on a sandwich in its natural state—strips—but maybe that’s just me. And maybe that’s the way Grady likes it. Honestly, I really didn’t get a lot of flavor of anything besides the cheese here, which sort of made it a sort of grilled cheese. I appreciated that the bread was toasted pretty well (I could have gone for a little more color if I am completely honest). I don’t know, I had higher hopes than how it came out. I love a good sandwich, and this was just an ok one. Now there are a lot of appealing sounding other sandwiches and wraps on the menu, and I would like to try some others—so tell me your suggestions.

My little side salad was perfect though (other than those cucumbers, which I just set to the side. I am not a fan of cucumbers, go figure). A couple of little tomatoes and then just extremely fresh tender mixed greens. I am always amazed at how often something so simple gets messed up. Large pieces of stem or hard bits of stalk, or mushy lettuce past its prime. I had the house made blue cheese dressing with it—nice and chunky—and I was quite happy with it.

Suzanne had stuffed jalapenos, which I thought were interesting because they are like jalapeno poppers that aren’t fried, they’re grilled. They were very cheesy—stuffed with gouda and served with a side of house made ranch. She also had a cup of tomato basil soup. Looked pretty good. I didn’t try either, but she seemed content.

Like I said, this seems like a place where you can get fresh food and can be kind of healthy if you want to (although there are plenty of ways to be decedent as well). I also like to see a local place in an area dominated by chains. They were doing a good business, and if I lived a tad closer, I would certainly try more things and go more often. What do you guys think of it? I know I have some Fishers’ readers out there—share your thoughts.

Pure Eatery
8235 East 116th Street
Fishers, IN  46038

Noise rating: 1 bell (out of five)

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