Monday, September 18, 2017

Sunrise Café - Revisit

I have written about this place a few times before, but I feel like I need to keep giving gentle reminders about places I like so they stay in business, especially these days. So what is the go to for hubby and I for a greasy spoon type of breakfast? Sunrise. There are too many breakfast places that are trying to be too much, and not pulling it off. This place is a divey diner (seriously, the furniture is very well worn) and the food is consistently good. Want bacon and eggs and crispy hash browns? Sunrise is your place. That is our regular order, but on this particular visit, hubby revisited one of his old standbys, the eggs benedict. I like that you can order them by one ($7.95) or two ($9.25). Hubby had two. They use an English muffin, shaved ham, a poached egg and their homemade hollandaise sauce. Hubby really enjoyed the change of pace, and this dish is a regular choice for my parents, who were also dining with us. It’s not a super fancy version or anything, but it tastes good. I had my usual, two eggs over easy, bacon, hash browns and white toast ($8.95). They do everything just the way it should be, and both the bacon and hash browns are crispy like I like them.

My son is a fan of their fried egg sandwich ($7.95); again you can pick one or two eggs. It comes with cheese and bacon. He likes his eggs fried hard (crazy I know). And it comes with hash browns as well. My daughter usually orders sweets for her breakfast, and this was no exception. She had one chocolate chip pancake ($2.95). They do their pancakes really thin, which I think is kind of interesting. Almost like a crepe. In fact, you can get them rolled up around sausage if you want.
Anyway, at the location on Shadeland, where we go (there are a couple others in Carmel, Fishers, and downtown), there is never a wait, which is a nice thing to know on a weekend morning when you want a solid, fast breakfast. Everyone in my family likes it, and it’s a standard for us. 

Sunrise Café
7387 North Shadeland Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46150


  1. Our favorite place for Sunday morning breakfast...oh let's be real, we never get there before "brunch" Charlie Brown's in Speedway. They have the best hashbrowns, lacy thin and crispy, and the french toast is to die for.

  2. This is our go-to, quick, greasy spoon breakfast spot, as well. The ambiance is lacking, but I echo that it's never busy and it's also less than a mile from our house. I usually order a la carte: two eggs scrambled with cheddar and a pancake. I love the thin pancake and usually slather it with butter and skip the maple syrup. My weird breakfast preferences also align with your son's, as I prefer my eggs fried hard. I may have to order that sandwich next time; I've been too scared to order it for fear the egg would be runny!

  3. "They do everything just the way it should be"

    I 100% agree with you. And I'd like to add that they are very nice.

    I patronize the one on 116th.