Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Road Trip: Bread Basket Cafe and Bakery--Danville, IN

My sister and her husband recently moved from Avon to Danville just to be a little further away from me (just kidding)…but for real they did move to Danville. And she has been after me for like a year to try the Bread Basket. We kept trying to do a weekend family thing but it never seemed to work out. So recently she and I just met up on a random weekday when we were both off.

So yeah, it’s about an hour from me, but I can see why she really likes it. It’s super cute first of all, located in an old house. You enter through the back door, and literally walk through the kitchen to the dining room. Talk about homey. You walk through a gauntlet of homemade breads and pastries and the smell in there is like my house on baking day at the holidays. So good.

It’s pretty much a breakfast/lunch place, with some additional options on the weekends for brunch. It was a weekday, and still during breakfast hours, so that’s what we were choosing from. Apparently on the weekends, you can choose from either side of the menu at any time (they’re open til 3:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday). I ordered a half order of the biscuits and gravy with two fried eggs ($4.99 + $2.99). They are homemade biscuits and were flaky—from what I could tell under all that gravy. Let’s face it, they are really just a vehicle for the sausage gravy, which was well seasoned and a good consistency—not too runny or too floury as it can be sometimes. I like a little egg with mine and ate them together. They eggs were cooked well.

My sister had the breakfast sandwich ($7.49) and it was delicious. The star was the homemade honey oat bread, it was soft, yet had nice texture throughout. And it had just the right amount of egg to cheese to bacon ratio (you can get sausage or ham if you want). She loves the roasted potatoes that she got as a side ($2.79), and they were nice roasted potatoes, but weren’t getting me super excited. 

She had mentioned how many of our family members loved the cinnamon rolls and cinnamon roll French toast ($11.49), so I decided I needed to get one to go for later (just the roll, not the French toast). I also got a piece of outrageous chocolate cake for my kids. I can’t really do sweets like that in the morning, but it made for a nice decadent dessert after sushi that night. Seriously, that was one of the best cinnamon rolls ever. Tons of cream cheese icing. It was truly addictive. It’s really a good thing they are not closer to me, or I might develop a problem for those rolls.

It’s a great family run place and I can see how it could become a regular place if it was close by. I would like to try their lunch sandwiches sometime—I bet they’re really good on those breads they make.

Bread Basket Cafe and Bakery
46 S. Tennessee Street
Danville, IN  46122


  1. Well next time we'll either go on Saturday or at lunch time!

  2. I travel to Danville several times a year.

    I'll for sure stop. I've been looking for place on that side of town.