Monday, March 13, 2017

Pogue's Run Grocer- Deli

I am doing an internship right now on the Near Eastside and had the opportunity to eat lunch at Pogue’s Run Grocer. It’s a little grocery store, but they also have a deli in there and a couple of tables and chairs. I’m guessing they mostly do carry out though, which is what I did. The deli has a pretty extensive list of sandwiches including vegan and vegetarian options. Being neither of these, I opted for one of the meat-filled choices.

The Tuscan turkey sandwich ($6.89) is Boar’s Head Tuscan turkey sliced with provolone, green peppers, lettuce, kalamata olives and basil mayo. I didn’t get the green peppers, because I can’t stand green bell peppers, but man oh man was this sandwich good. It’s one of those sandwiches that although it was quite large, I had a hard time not finishing the whole thing (ok, let’s be honest, I did finish the whole thing. I also got a giant pickle, which they quartered for me. Also delicious.

It had lots of the basil aioli on there, and you know how I feel about a well-sauced sandwich. It adds great moisture but also a ton of flavor, especially a sauce like this. Add the kalamata olives which are chopped up small and very plentiful and you have a killer sandwich. The turkey was sliced nice and thin and was tender (Boar’s Head is always good lunch meat). They press it in a panini press so everything squishes down a bit and the cheese gets melty. I am telling you, I am sitting here writing this thinking I need to get this sandwich tomorrow. For real. It’s basically an ideal sandwich for me between the aioli and the olives (and it’s warm, as I am not a huge fan of cold sandwiches usually).

Check out this place for a quick sandwich next time you’re over this way. It’s a worth a stop. And I am totally getting one this week.

Pogue’s Run Grocer
2828 East 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201


  1. I shop there occasionally and never noticed the deli.

    Will for sure give it a try.

  2. I agree, the sandwiches at the deli are great! The last time I went I had the veggie because, like you, olives are my jam. I am also a big fan of hummus.