Thursday, March 16, 2017


Recently my daughter and I headed to Ben Davis for her ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) contest. We were going to be down there for a while so while she was playing, I was researching where to eat. Quickly I found Paragon, after a twitter tip. It was less than a mile away so we knew we could get in and out fast. Since my sister lives nearby I invited her and we all met up.

The menu was three plus pages long and had everything from crêpes to paninis to gyros. We spent about 10 minutes just trying to skim it. Eventually I decided on the Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich ($5.99). My daughter got a Chicken Panini ($7.50) and my sister got the Fresh Spinach omelet ($7.55). Our food arrived quite fast. My sandwich was fine. I say fine because although nothing particularly stood out about it but it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t memorable either. The bacon was fine; the eggs were nice and runny (just how I like them); and there was a lot of unmelted American cheese (so much that I peeled some of it off). The sourdough bread I ordered was nicely toasted. 

I never got a chance to try my sister’s omelet but I did try her biscuits. The biscuits were OK, kind of dry but not terrible. We both had hash browns as a side, which we asked for extra crispy but sadly they did not deliver on this. They were a bit limp. My daughter’s panini was not particularly special either and she commented that her fries were dry.

All in all, the main word I would use to describe the place would have to be bland. The food was OK and the menu was huge. You can certainly please a lot of different tastes. The staff all seemed to be friendly and acknowledged that the portion sizes were large. Not a place I’d choose to go back to, but, if necessary isn’t somewhere I’d avoid at all costs. 

Paragon Restaurant
118 S Girls School Rd, 
Indianapolis, IN 46231
(317) 271-3514

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  1. Good timing. I've been looking for a place to eat in that area as I have business in Avon now.

    Refuse to eat at Opa as they have Trump on their TV.

    Paragon should suit me just fine.