Monday, August 10, 2015

Indy Tacos

My friend @wibia and I had a quick lunch the other day at Indy Tacos. So many people have been talking about this place and it is so close of my house, I needed to try it.

It’s a total bare bones kind of place—very little ambiance at all—mostly just painted white with some letters on the wall spelling out “TACOS.” They take your order at the counter, and the woman who took our order was very pleasant. The menu is pretty small—some tacos, some burritos and a couple of other things. We started with some chips and salsa and queso dip. The best thing of these was the salsa—it tasted pretty fresh and had just a bit of heat. The queso was very ok and wasn’t even particularly warm. It’s hard to know what makes some queso better than others (besides obviously putting interesting things into it like chorizo or meat or maybe some peppers), but I have certainly had more interesting tasting queso at other local places.

I ordered tacos, because, well, it’s a taco place right? Wibia ordered a burrito. I ordered two of the specialty tacos—the mole and the steak poblano ($2.50 each) I also ordered just  regular al pastor (pork) as well ($2.00). My favorite was definitely the straight up al pastor—it was jus the meat topped with onions and cilantro. The meat had a decent flavor that you could really taste. The corn tortillas were nice and soft. I can’t say I was a huge fan of the mole—it had a little bit of a funky taste for me and I am not a big fan of rice in a taco. Honestly, I don’t usually even eat the rice at Mexican restaurants, it’s usually too bland. In a taco, it’s just too much filler for me. The chicken inside seemed tender, but hard to say how much flavor it had on its own, as it was pretty well just a vehicle for the mole sauce.

The steak poblano was a little weird to me—the meat was a bit tough. There were grilled peppers and onion on the bottom, which were nice to add moisture. There was also melted mozzarella cheese and some other peppers on top—they were odd though—almost like they were formerly dried peppers that weren’t quite rehydrated all the way. The overall flavor was kind of like a fajita though—with the grilled peppers and onions.

The burrito ($6.99) was pretty straightforward—again, a fair amount of filler here—a lot of rice and lettuce. It also had more of the queso drizzled on top—I guess it just depends on your preferences whether this is a good or bad thing. It was fine, but that’s about it. A pretty big taco for the price—and you can choose which kind of meat you have. But with all the other stuff in there, it’s hard to even taste the meat that much.

I think all in all, I would in the future stick with the basic tacos—the one I had was clearly my favorite thing. The service was pretty quick and like I said, the woman working the front register was very nice and gave us lots of opinions about her favorite things. And it’s nice to have something new in this area as well. I think the food is fairly average though.

Indy Tacos
2196 East 54th Street
Indy 46220



  1. I actually popped in here for lunch on Friday. I ordered the chicken tacos, not the specialty ones. I thought they were fine and I didn't miss the cheese that we're all accustomed to in tacos either. I did think the chicken was a bit dry though and the almost 20 minute wait was surprising (next time I will call ahead). The guacamole was good but bit heavy on the cilantro for my taste. The chips were okay but nothing special.
    Everything was tasty but it didn't live up to all the hype, in my opinion. Next time I will try the specialty or pork tacos.

    1. I have heard that the wait can be long, although it wasn't when we were there. I agree about the hype.