Monday, August 31, 2015

B's Po Boy -- Revisit

In the tradition of always reminding you about my favorite places, I am reposting about B’s Po Boy. This is a favorite for me and hubby, and the kids like it as well. I know I have mentioned it before, but hubby went to school in New Orleans, and is particular about his po boys. He loves the po boys at B’s and finds them very authentic.

We pretty well have our order down to a science, except every once in a while when hubby gets the fried oyster po boy or I get a soft shell crab po boy when they are running them as a special. But on a usual summer evening, our favorite time to go, we sit outside and have fried shrimp po boys. Hubby gets a whole one plus extra shrimp ($12 + $9 for extra shrimp)(hold the pickles), and I get a half one with extra shrimp ($8.50 + $5 for extra shrimp) fully dressed (mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickles). They ship the bread in from New Orleans and it tastes like just the right kind that you want for a po boy, soft, but with a bit of firmness on the outside. When you get extra shrimp, they are literally just falling out of the sandwich all over the place, which is a good way to be. My daughter tried a half of the blackened catfish po boy this time ($9, even though both kids usually tend to get the fried shrimp po boys too.

The shrimp is small and has s nice seasoned crispy coating. It sometimes falls off a bit—it’s a messy sandwich for sure, but oh so tasty. They don’t cook them to death—they’re nice and tender. I also like to get a side of their remoulade ($.75) to drizzle on my sandwich. Hubby just shakes some hot sauce on his, which he claims is what you’re “supposed” to do. The catfish was nice and tender, but a little too spicy for my daughter—I thought it was nice but it certainly had a spicy kick with the blackening seasoning.

My daughter’s favorite things at B’s are the beignets ($5.50) though, and they are tasty. We always get the chocolate dipping sauce, and it’s nice and rich and warm. They beignets and pretty airy inside, but the dough is somewhat dense as well. Like large, slightly denser doughnuts. On this trip my son realized they also have root beer floats ($5) on the menu, and was thrilled to get this as well. They gave him two nice scoops of ice cream and a bottle of Abita root beer. He was thrilled with it.

We sat outside—the kids played bocce right next to where we were sitting, and we all enjoyed a lovely evening. I like that they have added extensive sails over the top of the seating area to limit as many people as possible from having to sit in the sun. It’s one of our favorites for an easy, casual, dependable meal. And it’s perfect for outdoor dining on a nice night.

B’s Po Boy
1261 South Shelby Street
Indy  46203

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  1. Awesome place. And just came from eating at Papa Roux's. Another awesome place.

    And ate at Chef Dan's in Irvington the other day. Amazing gumbo.

    What is with all of the fantastic Cajun places in Indianapolis?

    All are truly wonderful places to eat.