Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Barking Dog Cafe- Revisit


I am often asked about what “my favorite” restaurants are—for lunch, for dinner, for fish, for sushi, whatever. Barking Dog is a place that my family eats very regularly. When schedules allow (which is less often than I’d like), we’re here nearly every Saturday for lunch.

We all have our favorite dishes, but they also always have specials. Hubby often orders the specials and I get my usual and we share. My regular is the “Jeff’s single cheeseburger.” It’s a super thin burger with crispy edges that hang outside the bun and is topped with (wait, actually, it's underneath the patty) shredded lettuce, super thin onions, special sauce, pickles, ketchup and mustard. I have written about this burger before and it is my favorite thin burger in Indy. In the past, people have told me they didn’t like the bun because it was too flimsy—now they are serving their burgers on Amelia’s brioche buns, so that is no longer a problem. The bun is definitely denser and holds up well to all the toppings. I love this burger. My daughter also gets the burger every time (although with less of the toppings, which are partly what makes this burger, so I don’t recommend it. All the flavors together are just right.)

We also tend to get a side of fries—they are nice and crisp and I always get the side of the olive aioli with them. I love the little chunks of olives in there. It’s just the perfect salty/slightly tangy dip for fries.

The clam chowder is also really good and if we’re splurging, hubby and I will sometimes split a cup as well. I think it is probably the best New England classic clam chowder in Indy. This is my son’s favorite and he often makes his whole meal out of it. It’s a thick creamy version with some nice chunks of clam and potato.

double decker tenderloin
On this visit, the special was cod fingers and chips, which hubby got. He often goes with something fried here—one of his favorites is the fried oyster roll. We have also shared the double decker tenderloin sandwich as a special and it was also delicious. Oh! And we love the buffalo chicken sandwich when they’re doing that. Anyway, the fish fingers were good—nice fresh fish with a light tempura batter. They were served with a nice spicy remoulade sauce and a portion of fries. I can’t say I preferred them over my burger though. Hubby is better about trying something new here though.

The prices are maybe a bit higher than other lunch places (sorry I don’t have them listed out, but I hardly even look at the menu anymore and they’re not online), but for us, it’s worth it. It’s a true mom and pop shop with the married couple running the place (he cooks, she works out front with a server) and it’s one of our favorites for lunch. So there you go.

Barking Dog Café 
115 East 49th Street
Indy  46203


  1. Do you think the chowder is better than Caplinger's?

    1. I have not had caplinger's. Now it is a must do.