Monday, April 27, 2015


It’s true; I had never been to Culver’s until now. My friend @wibia would always mention it to me, and then a couple of you guys mentioned patty melts/sourdough melts there, so when @wibia mentioned it for a lunch, I was sold. Lately I totally have this thing for patty melt-type sandwiches that aren’t on rye (not my favorite). Lucky for me, Culvers offers a “sourdough melt” (single is $3.29, double is $4.69). Somehow, although I wanted a single, I ended up with a double. I also got the “value basket” with it, which includes a drink and a side (+$2.80 for regular side, +$3.80 for a premium side).

The sourdough melt comes with grilled red onions and cheddar cheese. It’s a solid sandwich. Nothing mind blowing, and it was a little meat heavy with the two patties for me, but a decently juicy burger with nicely grilled onions. Honestly, it needed a little ketchup or something just to add another dimension to it, so I added some. I really liked the super crisp grilled bread for sure though--that's what's got me so addicted to melts right now I think. A couple of bites of wibia’s "Culver's Deluxe"($4.09 for a double) was probably a bit better. Mainly because they but lots of stuff on it (lettuce, mayo, pickles, onions, cheese and tomato) (I would leave off the tomato, too thick and under ripe). Again, they’re the thin burgers with the crispy edges that I like, but I guess I was sort of hoping for something to make them stand out a little more—maybe some special sauce or something? Anyhow, I would gladly eat it again, but there are certainly other burgers I would go to first. Also, when they use the term “butter burger” I sort of thought it meant cooked in butter, but actually I think it means they butter the bun (not as exciting in my mind).

For sides, I had a premium side, the fried Wisconsin cheese curds. I appreciate the uniqueness of having such a side in what is essentially a fancy fast food place, although they were just okay. Honestly, they tasted like mini mozzarella sticks. Overall, you can’t go wrong with fried cheese, but again, nothing mind blowing. Wibia had fries, which were crinkle cut, and well, that’s all you really need to know about that as far as I am concerned. I don’t think I have ever had a crinkle cut fry that was really any different from any other crinkle cut fry in my life. Overall, they just don’t do it for me.

I do find the place to be different from how I imagined it. It is more like a “fast casual” type place—an interior more like an Applebees or Chili’s—a little nice than fast food, but you still order at the front, although they bring the food out to you. They also have a very large menu—there’s fried chicken, pot roast, fried fish, fried shrimp and shaved prime rib sandwiches, for example. I am curious to know how the rest of the food is, as I always thought this was just a burger and custard place. It was also packed. And freezing inside (nothing like cranking the a/c when it’s 55 degrees outside).

So there you go. What are your favorite Culver’s items? 

7105 East 96th Street (there are multiple locations)
Indianapolis, IN 46250
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  1. The fried chicken isn't bad...Popeye's still has them beat there but it isn't bad.

    I have only had the fried walleye sandwich and it is pretty good. I tend to stick to the burgers and chicken.

    One thing that I have always wondered is if they put that fake smoke flavoring on their burgers. They always seem to have that smoky taste.

  2. I like the pot roast sandwich on occasion. I love their banana split and the turtle sundae...ginormous pecan halves, toasted, I think, with a little salt.

  3. Culver's is the only chain I'm aware of that offers that Hoosier staple, the Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich. I've eaten some that were better and many that were worse. At least it's not a fritter but the real thing.