Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sakura - Revisit

Hubby and I had time for a quick lunch the other day and Sakura is just a stone’s throw from our house. Plus, I figured since I’m always at the Sushi Bar these days, it would be good to mix it up. 

The rolls at Sakura are a little simpler than a lot these days—depending on how you like your rolls, this may please you or not. They don’t have as large a selection of the sort of fancy gooey-type rolls that I often go in for.

We started with miso soup—I know miso soups are fairly standard, but some do stand out more than others. This one wasn’t one of those. It was just your middle of the road miso soup. The only thing that made it stand out is how seriously HOT it is temperature-wise. Don’t burn your tongue before you eat your sushi!

Probably the most intricate roll we had was the Gabe roll ($6.60). It is basically a form of tuna tartare that is mixed with spicy sauce, green onions and smelt roe. It’s their version of spicy tuna, and I would say it’s better than a lot of spicy tunas, but I would love a little crunch in there. There isn’t a lot of texture or flavor variation either, since it’s filled with the stuff and topped with the stuff. You get a lot for your money though.

The soft shell crab (spider) roll ($9.50) is pretty much just that—it’s a fried soft shell crab mixed with spicy sauce and rolled inside and stacked on top. It was similar in style for sure to the Gabe roll, in that it was all the same stuff in the roll and on top of the roll, and used the same spicy sauce I think. It had more texture since it was fried, but overall, I think I preferred the Gabe roll, although I went back and forth.  Both of the rolls were pretty big, especially with all that stuff on top, making them a little challenging to eat. They were both good though, just not crave-worthy for me.

Finally, we just got a shrimp tempura roll ($5) and had them add avocado. This was exactly that—a roll with shrimp tempura and avocado. No sauce or anything. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very exciting either. I guess I kind of like all that gooey stuff with my sushi. It may not be the most traditional thing, but it sure is tasty.

Hubby also ordered some albacore nigiri ($4.30), which is one of his favorite things there in the past—but this time they didn’t serve it with ponzu sauce, as they have in the past and he was a little bummed. It’s a pretty delicate flavor for soy, but a bit dry with nothing. 

It’s the original sushi house and many people are loyal to it, but I kind of like the newer style myself with more stuff going on in a roll. I guess it just depends on where you fall in your tastes. I am always surprised by how slow the service is (to get your sushi, not drinks, etc.). We were like the second people in there for lunch and it probably took at least 30 minutes to get our food. And every time I go, I feel the same about that issue.

Sushi is one of the most common things I am asked about so what’s your favorite sushi in Indy?

7201 North Keystone
Indy  46240


  1. We love Naked Tchopstix - Corona, Playboy, Sunset. We also really like Ocean World. I like the value of Sushi Bar, especially at lunch, but their rolls are not my favorite. However, you can't beat Sushi Bar's two roll lunch special, which is fresh and delicious compared to grab-and-go supermarket sushi.

  2. We've been happy with our last several visits to Tomo. They have a good variety of fun rolls, efficient service, and reasonable prices.

  3. Sakura is our standby, but I like the creativity at Naked Tchopstix better. I'm ordering way different things than you, though. I don't mind the wait for food at Sakura since it's made-to-order.

  4. Maru Sushi in West Lafayette is our favorite. Not Indy I know. Sorry.

    And off subject but Caplinger's that you turned me on to is kicking butt. Can hardly get in the place for lunch or dinner anymore. Have to go mid afternoon.