Monday, March 30, 2015

La Mulita

Hubby and I had not been to La Mulita together—and I had only tried it only one other time when I was in the depth of my broken wrist and just didn’t have the energy (or ability) to write about it. So we headed over there again to try it out.

La Mulita is Delicia’s more casual little sister—and they are open for lunch. There is a bar though, so you can still enjoy a cocktail or beer if you want. The menu isn’t huge, but it was still hard to choose what to get. I got excited when I saw the “Pick 2” option because it meant we could get four different items and try even more. 

We started with some guacamole and chips ($5). We both enjoyed it—it was mainly avocado with a fair lime kick, but it was tasty. There were nice big chunks of avocado in there, and even though I would have added salt if it had been on the table, we still liked it. Not a lot of heat to it, but when you added their house hot sauce (you should really add it to pretty much everything), it was super delicious. I really enjoyed the chips—they seemed to be housemade fried tortillas—there were both corn and flour tortilla versions. I really liked the way the flour ones kind of puffed up and became really light. The corn ones were your basic corn tortilla chips, and I picked through the basket for the flour ones (sadly there were fewer of them). I think we would order this again because we also liked doctoring up other stuff with the guac.

We got two “pick 2s” ($7.50 each) and got to try the shrimp taco, the carne asada taco, the pork Milanesa cemita, and the Conchinita Pibil cemita. (You’ll notice an extra cemita in the pics because they accidentally brought us one wrong thing.) Hubby and I were split on our favorites—he tended to like both of the tacos best and I sort of liked the pork Milanesa cemita and the carne asada taco best.  The taco was filled with nicely tender marinated skirt steak, onions, radish and cilantro in a corn tortilla. There was also a lime on the side, which I promptly squeezed on. It was in a soft corn tortilla. There was enough meat to it to keep the taco tasting meaty and moist. A little guac and hot sauce just made it even better.

Cemitas are little sandwiches—at La Mulita, sort of the size of sliders—that come on these wonderful eggy buns sprinkled with sesame seeds. They have just a touch of sweetness and are really soft. The pork Milanesa version had fried pork cutlet, chorizo, egg, oaxaca cheese, chipotles and cilantro mayo. I liked all the varying textures and flavors. My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough (any?) of the cilantro mayo to keep it from seeming dry. Once I ordered some on the side, it was delicious. That sauce is delicious period. I would just get a side of it to put on everything.

The Conchinita Pibil cemita was more of a pulled pork-type of feel but with a smoky flavor (and red color) from achiote. There were pickled red onions, avocado and a black bean paste as well. I liked this one too, but just wasn’t getting enough flavor variation (more pickled onions please) to make me love it.

Hubby really liked the grilled shrimp taco, but a couple of the pieces of shrimp had a texture problem for me that made me feel like they were almost undercooked (that is so unusual too). Maybe because they made it really fast because that was the part of our order that was forgotten. It was served with lightly pickled cabbage, cilantro and honey chipotle sauce. I liked the addition of the sauce here. I would try them again though.

All in all, we really enjoyed the experience. I love the opportunity to get to try lots of different things. I feel like I would happily try just about anything on the menu. So tell me, what have you had there that you really liked?

La Mulita
5215 North College Ave
Indy  46220

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  1. For lunch, I love to get the La Mulita salad with chicken or steak and I love the sweet potato wedges with a side of serrano aoili, they are so good. My husband likes the carne asada tacos and everyone loves the tlayuda de chorizo.