Thursday, April 24, 2014

U.S. Adventures: The Roosevelt - Richmond, VA

We recently took a family trip to Williamsburg and Washington DC. Since we were starting in Williamsburg, we flew into Richmond, VA. Never one to pass up an opportunity to eat in a new city (I don’t think I have ever spent any time in Richmond), I did a little research and we ended up at the Roosevelt. It was a Sunday so we were in prime brunch hours—and my kids love a good brunch, so it seemed perfect. 

It’s a cute little restaurant—quite busy, but the tables no so crowded together that you felt like you were on top of people. They don’t have a kid’s menu per se, but several items on the regular menu that were quite appealing to my kids. My son had the biscuits and gravy ($7)—there were two fluffy biscuits with lots of sausage gravy—some pretty big chunks of sausage in there and two slow cooked eggs—assuming they were sous vide eggs because they were still wonderfully runny inside. It was a big meal for him, but he enjoyed it. Although not as much as my fried oyster omelet ($8). 

That fried oyster omelet was so good. I don’t normally order omelets because I find the eggs so often to be overcooked and too firm. Wow, this was super light and fluffy. It was almost like a soufflé. They eggs itself made the dish special and biting into some spicy fried oysters certainly didn’t hurt. Ok, so then add homemade bacon hollandaise and homemade hot sauce and this dish was a clear table favorite.

Hubby’s pork cheek and potato hash ($11) was unique and very good as well. I was torn between whether I liked his or mine better and still unsure. It was pieces of the pork with chunks of fingerling potatoes with another one of those slow cooked eggs and topped with salsa Verde. I really liked the freshness that the salsa verde added to the flavors.

My daughter’s fried catfish sandwich was pretty well spot on too. Super moist fish with a corn meal type breading—nicely spiced though. They served it with a good tangy remoulade and buttermilk slaw. The fries served with it were also really good, homemade and fresh and crisp.

This is the kind of (reasonably priced) brunch place Indy needs. The food is really well done and creative—it’s all approachable but with just the right of pizazz. As far as something like it in Indy, I for one am really looking forward to Milktooth.--based on the preview brunch I have been to, I think they might be on to something similar here in Indy.

The Roosevelt
623 N. 25th
Richmond, VA 23223

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And we got some Dixie Donuts later on in the day. Can't go wrong there! 

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  1. Looks good - and I don't even love eggs all that much! My inlaws recently moved to DC and I imagine we'll be visiting them before too long - the 'district of confusion' (as he calls it) is obviously not shy on options for great eating. ChurchKey is toward the top of my list, but obviously more for the beverage angle