Thursday, April 17, 2014

Movable Feast -Revisit

I met my favorite Pilates instructor for lunch the other day at Movable Feast—it’s quick and right by our houses. Although their chicken salad is one of my favorite usuals, it was so cold on this day, I had to get something warm. It was Wednesday and the special of the day (and every Wednesday I believe) was the jerk pork sandwich ($6 I believe). I wasn't even gonna write about this lunch, but then I had the sandwich.

This sandwich is great. Really, really great. It is roasted pork tenderloin that is seasoned with jerk seasoning and sliced pretty thin. It is served on a fairly soft baguette with melty Swiss cheese, lettuce and jerk mayo. The thing about this sandwich, besides for the exceptionally tender pork and the kick from the jerk seasoning is that there is a touch of tanginess. I am not sure if the lettuce was lightly dressed or the tanginess was coming from the mayo, but it was a perfect combination of flavors. I tend to avoid sandwiches like this because so often the heat is the dominant thing, but this one was just balanced in the right way and still had a fair amount of heat. I intended to eat only half of it and ended up eating the whole thing. And I went home and told hubby about it because on a Wednesday very soon he needs to try it as well.

I also had a cup of clam chowder to start—it was the classic New England style—this one heavier on the potato aspect than the cream aspect. It made it a starchier taste than some. It had a good flavor although nowhere near as exciting to me as the sandwich. I liked that there are saltines on every table, because I like to crumble crackers in my soup—particularly clam chowder.

We also shared a red velvet cupcake (I barely got any before she ate it before we even got our lunches). Nice and moist with just the right amount of cream cheese icing. As popular as cupcakes are these days, it’s nice to eat a simple homemade one that is just as good as those cupcake places (and cheaper).  They do a really good “outrageous” chocolate chip cookie too (just beware there’s peanut butter in there).

I couldn't even get a pic before
she ate half of it.
I really enjoy this place. The people who run it and friendly and seem to know a lot of their customers well. Oh, and as a public service announcement, my lunch date wants me to tell everyone that eats here that when it is cold outside to please close the door behind you (it doesn’t automatically close). It’s a small place and when the door is left open, it is really cold.

Now I am wondering about other specials…you guys have any favorites?

Movable Feast
5741 East 71st Street
Indy 46220

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  1. The chicken grinder is fantastic! That's my go to if I don't get whatever the awesome special of the day is. This is the best sandwich place on the north side of Indy!