Monday, January 13, 2014

Northside Kitchenette - Breakfast

Hubby and I recently hit up Northside Kitchenette for breakfast—my last lunch had been a bit lackluster, but the breakfast menu had looked good. We were torn on what to order and agreed to split the eggs Benedict ($10) and the breakfast burrito ($10). We also enjoyed some mimosas, because, well, why not?

Both were good, but the eggs Benedict was our favorite. I liked the variation of using regular sliced (and perfectly crisp) bacon on the English muffin instead of Canadian bacon, which isn’t my favorite. The eggs were poached exactly right with firm enough whites, but a delicious runny golden yolk. And I liked the “slightly spicy” garlic Hollandaise. I wouldn’t really call it spicy per se, but it did have a little more flavor than the typical Hollandaise. All the breakfast dishes were served with very crispy seasoned diced potatoes that were good—I liked that they were really crisp, more like they were deep-fried than pan-fried.

Hubby had the southwest breakfast burrito, which was stuffed with eggs, chorizo, green chili salsa, jack cheese, breakfast potatoes, and pico de gallo. The chorizo had a nice amount of spice to it and added a good flavor. The burrito was kind of “filled out” with more of the potatoes inside, which I picked out because I didn’t feel like I needed even more potatoes. Hubby wished they filled it out with black beans or something instead—it would have added more to the flavor and added a little more moisture, which the whole thing could have used as well.

The service was friendly and efficient—much better than the last time I came. In the cold weather, the restaurant seats about half as many people (without all the outside seating), so I guess it is probably a little easier to manage. 
In my last post about Northside Kitchenette, I was wondering if breakfast would be strength for them and it turns out, I think it is. I could easily add this place to my rotation of regular breakfast spots. I heard from many of you that the biscuits and gravy are good as well, so we have a goal for the next visit.

Northside Kitchenette
6515 N. College Ave.
Indy  46220

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  1. I love going to restaurants that are exclusively breakfast foods. They are the best and plus I just love breakfast foods in general. I really need to find a new one to start going to and start enjoying new things. I just wonder where it is that I can find one.
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