Monday, January 27, 2014

Fat Dan's - Revisit

It’s been awhile since I have been to Fat Dan’s and I hadn’t been to the new location—hubby has been nagging me to go and we wanted to take the kids somewhere easy, so it seemed like a good choice.

I love the new location, and the table service! Our server was really nice and very attentive. The whole place was full, even as early as it was. The kids were digging the games on the table (we had Connect Four) and the fact that they had tater tots on the menu.

I have a thing for Fat Dan’s burgers and that’s what I ordered. They are my favorite fat burger in town (although they aren’t ridiculously huge) for sure. I had mine with a fried egg (which they did just a little runny in the middle—perfect, but not too messy) and cheese. ($9) As in the past, it was delicious—they ask you what temperature you want it cooked to and they listen. The meat is super tender and has great flavor. I really like the buns as well—they really stand up to the meat. My daughter had a kid’s burger as well ($4.50) and really liked it as well. They are a little smaller than the adult version, but honestly not that much. It’s a great deal.

Hubby had the Italian Beef, wet ($7.50). They do a nice job with Italian Beef, but hubby was jealous of my burger. The Italian beef has all the traditional fixings (the thin beef, and lots of giardinara), but we have gotten sort of jaded by making it at home and putting just what we want on it in just the exact right quantities. I also didn’t taste the sweet peppers that we use on ours at home.  And we tend to get a little bowl of the au jus to dip in at home to keep the sandwich from falling apart as you eat it. But it’s still a solid option for Italian Beef in Indy.

We all shared a mixed order of fries and tots  ($3.75) and they were as good as they have ever been. The fries (and a few potato rounds) were super crispy. The tots were as good as you get with tots as well and my daughter was happy. Who doesn’t love some tots every now and then?

If you aren’t familiar with Fat Dan’s—they bring the food out on a big piece of butcher paper. Fries in the middle and the sandwich individually wrapped alongside. The napkins are big rolls of paper towels. It’s a completely casual, easygoing place with great food. I still want to try one of those hand dipped corn dogs one of these days. They look great.

I am glad to see Dan’s expansion going so well—and I like that the new location still has the “charm” of the old one, even in slightly fancier digs.

Fat Dan’s Chicago Style Deli
5410 North College
Indy  46220


  1. I love Fat Dan's - a great guilty pleasure on the best corner in the city! I love the dry rub wings and chicago dogs too!

    Great establish to get some delicious grub, and enjoy a beer or two. Everyone in here is a friend.

  2. Dan is doing a great business in the "new" location, drawing a lot more families now (at least by my observation). A note to those who don't visit often: you can actually park behind Fat Dan's in a gravel lot, accessible through the alley by the heating and cooling business next door. There is a back door to FD's that you can enter off the lot. Makes parking a lot easier!

    Love the smoked reuben on the menu, too!

  3. Fat Dan's also does a really good job with the bbq. The Pork and Brisket are very flavorful without being overly smoky. Specials are always a good option but it is hard to beat the Combo with Tater Tots.

  4. I love Fat Dan's. My husband didn't listen to me the first time he went went me ("Get the italian beef boo! JUST TRUST ME!") and ended up with a super rare burger. He listened the next time though. And I love their fries. The crunchier the better.