Monday, November 11, 2013

The Loft at Traders Point Creamery - Revisit

It has been awhile since I had been to Traders Point, because frankly, my last meal was a little disappointing. My friend Suzanne had been more recently and really enjoyed her meal, so we decided to meet out there for lunch.  The menu has changed somewhat since the last time I was there and had several interesting menu items. It was just lunch, so we went with sandwiches, but we also started with a cheese plate.

They do a really nice job with the cheese plate ($16) and give you samples of just about all of of their cheeses—two of the soft fromage blancs—the spicy one and an herbed one. These are sort of similar to cream cheeses and I liked both of them.  They also gave the Boone County Bloomy, the Fleur de la Terre, and the Brick Street Tomme. They are all great cheeses and they do a very nice job with the accompaniments—some sliced grilled Amelia’s bread, some chunk honey, and fig chutney. A great thing to share—possibly with more people as we didn’t finish it all, but a nice way to sample nearly all the Traders Point cheeses.

For our lunches we got two sandwiches and shared them. We had the grilled cheese with bacon, avocado and spinach ($13) with a side of chips and the BLT with a side of slaw (around $10). Both sandwiches were good. The grilled cheese was back up to the one I had the first time I went and was delicious. Nice and cheesy and rich with the additional avocado and bacon. They are using Goose bacon I believe and it is really good. The bread was toasted perfectly this time (one of the big problems I had the last time) and was nice and crunchy. The pepper kettle chips on the side hit the spot if you are one of those people who want chips with your sandwich. The peppery taste was unique as well.

Honestly though, I think I liked the BLT even better. More of that really good bacon, ok, a not so ripe tomato and lettuce but with a wonderful basil mayo that was what made the sandwich. It was plentiful and had a great fresh basil flavor to it as well as the tanginess of the mayo. The bread was nicely toasted as well and I wouldn’t hesitate to get this one again. I have always been lured into trying to make sure I get something with cheese on it because it’s a cheese place, but they’re doing other great things as well and I need to just order what sounds good.  We got this one with a side of slaw, which I really didn’t care for that much because it had that slightly sweet pickled flavor to it. I am so weird about slaw. There are very few that I really like.

Overall, Traders Point is a good place to remember on the west side. Often people ask me for recommendations for a nice-ish place to go out that way. They have seemingly re-vamped the menu and I think have done a nice job. I would happily go back and try some more stuff (plus you can buy all their cheese downstairs in the farm store like I did and go home and make a giant helping of mac and cheese.)

The Loft
Traders Point Creamery
9101 Moore Road
Zionsville, IN 46077

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