Monday, November 25, 2013

Castleton Grill - Revisit

In my family, if there’s an errand to run on the weekend, we usually end up planning a meal around it. The other day my son had saved his allowance and was desperate to go to Toys R Us to spend it, so we needed to be in Castleton. The age-old dilemma then comes about…where to eat in Castleton? There are so few options that aren’t chains and that we can agree on. So when he and hubby decided on Castleton Grill, I was fine with it because I had only been once and it was so long ago, and I knew they would have something on the menu to appease everyone.

I was surprised to find that they offer breakfast on the weekends, which is always a good thing to know about. They also offer Smoking Goose bacon, which is even better. It was the day of the time change when we went, so I was really torn between breakfast and lunch since my body clock hadn’t fully adjusted. We decided to get a little biscuit they offered on the breakfast menu to split and try, and then just order lunch.

The biscuit ($3) was called the “sec” because it was sausage, egg and cheese. Pretty straightforward—scrambled eggs, a sausage patty and cheese. You know, it was pretty good. Nothing fancy here, but the biscuit was light with a nice crisp exterior and the eggs were not overcooked. We just had a bite each and then my son devoured the rest. I think he will be getting that if we return for breakfast.

For my entrée, I had the club sandwich ($9). I’ll admit, I was completely lured in by the promise of the Smoking Goose bacon and avocado. Also, it was without ham, and I am not a huge deli ham fan anyway. It was a solid old-school club (ok, with avocado which isn’t so old school). I was disappointed in the amount of bacon on it (a couple of the wedges barely had any) but the ones I did eat (the ones with the most bacon) were pretty good. There was also mayo and shredded lettuce and turkey on it. The fries are total mediocre foodservice fries and I would pass on these. I tried to substitute a side salad (+$1.95), which they brought, but still brought the fries as well. The salad wasn’t bad. Lots of romaine hearts but I loved the super thin shaved red onions. Little things like that make me happy. And they have an old-fashioned blue cheese dressing that is super thick and chunky. Hubby loves it.

Hubby had the reuben ($9) and wasn’t as thrilled. He loves a reuben but is particular about the proportions. This was too much corned beef to not enough other stuff for him. My daughter had a kid’s waffle ($3.50) (i.e. half a waffle) and my son the kids scrambled eggs and bacon ($3.50). Everyone was satisfied but no one was overly excited about anything we ate (well, my son really did like that biscuit and it probably was the best thing on the table).  It is good to have a family style restaurant in Castleton that isn’t a big chain though, and I am glad to know they have breakfast. We will likely go back and give a full on breakfast a try at some point. It’s all pretty straightforward food and I think they could probably pull it off pretty well.

Castleton Grill
6010 East 82nd Street
Indy 46250

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  1. We love their breakfast. The breakfast special is a ton of food at a great price ($5.95 the last time we went). My kids love the waffle dogs, too. Another nice touch (and may only be offered at dinner - not sure) is the complimentary rice krispie treat pallete (ours was duck-shaped) on the kids' menu. We love Hall's because it's local but put it a step above Applebee's or the other chains around the mall.

  2. Erin & Kim-
    Thanks much for stopping by the Grill and supporting what we do. All feedback is good feedback and an opportunity to serve all future guests as best we can. Toys R Us and kids meals...I have 3 young ones of my own, and it sounds like we have a lot in common there. On that note, I wanted you to know that we'll be doing Breakfast with Santa on Dec. 14th - free face painting, reindeer pancakes, framed pictures with Santa...the kids love it! And for Kim and her crew, we'll be doing sugar cookie paintings on those palletes :)

    Thanks again for the kind words, it is greatly appreciated!

    Happy Holidays to you and your families,

    Matthew Don Hall
    Don Hall's Restaurants

    1. Matthew-

      thanks for reading and responding! Happy Holidays!

  3. A little off-topic, but if your husband likes reubens, he should try the smoked reuben at Fat Dan's. (They've moved since your last review of them to a location next to 20 Tap.)

    1. Yeah, we have been itching to go back. I haven't been to the new location yet (although hubby has without me)