Monday, August 19, 2013


Several of you guys have been bugging me for a while to try the fried chicken at Sahm’s. Apparently the one in Fishers offers it daily, but the one near me (at 65th and Keystone) only offers it every other Sunday. Well, that makes it seem kind of more special right? So we invited some friends and all headed over.

Pretty much all of us decided we wanted fried chicken (except 2 of the 4 kids) so we thought we would get 4 orders for the 6 of us (there are 4 pieces of chicken per order).  They made it all together and brought it all out family style so we could just give the kids the pieces they wanted. I thought that was a nice touch. It was nice to pass the plates and take what you wanted since we were all sharing. (The meal is usually 4 pieces of chicken—a breast, wing, thigh and leg, with the two sides mentioned below and a biscuit for $12.99).
plate-o-breasts and thighs

So the chicken? The chicken was very good. It was really well seasoned and had a super crispy outer crunch. But what impressed me was that the breast I took was actually very tender throughout (although one person at our table commented that their breast wasn’t).  I loved the leg and the couple of bites of a thigh I shared with hubby as well. Probably the dark meat was my favorite, but I was impressed with the white meat as well. The meat was marinated and you could tell care was taken to try and keep the meat as tender as possible, even on the larger pieces (and the thighs were pretty darn big too—almost as big as the breasts. These must have been some curvy chickens.) The kids were digging it too. I don’t think we will have a problem getting them back here and I will certainly be happy to go back for fried chicken night (although my daughter had the cheeseburger and liked it as well). Actually hubby ate the leftover pieces for lunch over the next couple of days and told me he thinks he might have even liked it better cold. In fact, he wants to just order some to put in the fridge for the next day (weirdo). He said it stayed crunchy and because it was so meaty, and was better than any other cold fried chicken he has had.

Even though I missed my classic side of mashed potatoes (I am a creature of habit with fried chicken), I liked that they did something different with the corn stuffing that they served with it. It was pretty moist with pieces of corn in it, and a touch of sweetness. The carrots weren’t as popular for sure. I dunno, I just can’t get excited about cooked carrots, although they were buttery and lightly seasoned. They also served rolls alongside that they called biscuits, but I would call buttery dinner rolls. Much lighter and less dense than a biscuit. They were good though, although I saved most of my room for chicken.

Overall, I give the fried chicken two thumbs up. I really enjoyed it and I have a feeling it may become a regular, well, every other, Sunday kind of thing in our family (well, maybe cold the next day for hubby). He does want to try the fried tenderloin sandwich he spied coming out of the kitchen.

My Sahm’s location is a fairly small dining room and was pretty full. Our server was really helpful and nice and made the suggestion to share and to serve it family style.  They have a very good selection of local beers on the menu (well, it seems like it to me). I guess they do a monthly beer dinner with courses paired to certain beers—that sounds fun too. I am excited to find some new fried chicken that I like and it’s sort of got me in the mood again. So feel free to leave any suggestions for other favorite fried chicken places around town. I am always looking for more!

Sahm’s Place
2411 East 65th Street (and several other locations)
Indy  46220


  1. I'm a huge fan of Sahm's Place and eat there fairly regularly... I have a few favorites on the menu, but their daily specials are always worth consideration. It is the kind of food I'm really drawn to - they clearly make a ton of things themselves and are not just using crappy/frozen/foodservice stuff. Recently enjoyed a patty melt and breaded cauliflower (great sides, as a whole - for pretty much every Sahm's location I've visited).

  2. The tenderloin will bring you back again and again. Try the carrot curls for something different for a side item.

  3. Will definitely have to try on the next visit, thanks!

  4. yeah, it's nice to see a family style restaurant making more of the stuff in house. So many places out there have exactly the same food service items

  5. Love love love their fried mushrooms and the sauce they serve with them. Their steak entrees are also quite good, and this is coming from a woman who cooks a better steak at home than I can buy at Ruth's Chris or Sullivan's. I obsess about their fried chicken, and hubby has an ongoing affair with their pork tenderloin. The only thing I've had at Sahm's that I wasn't crazy for was their salmon ... seemed like a frozen filet, dry and flavorless. Everything else is killer.

  6. Sahm's Place is my home away from home. I almost always get whatever soup they have for the day, they are all homemade and great. Pork tenderloin is really good. If they ever have brisket or corned beef on menu, I always have to get it. I've eaten there so much since I moved to this area I usually stick to the specials menu so its hard to recommend anything to count on being available, but I will say I have hardly been disappointed in any breakfast, lunch or dinner I have had there.

  7. My wife and I hadn't been here in years, but decided to check it out again last night. Got the fried chicken of course, and it definitely gets two thumbs up. I'm not sure if the waitress messed up or not, but for $12.99, we got 4 pieces of chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and two other sides. Either way, it's a good deal, and a ton of food. The macaroni and cheese was great as well.

    I'd also agree with your husband, the chicken was better cold, had some early this morning.