Thursday, August 15, 2013

Best Bet - Revisit

I was picking my son up from baseball camp in Fishers the other day and I knew he would be starving after, so I wanted to find a place nearby that would be fast and kid friendly (and preferably local) for lunch. So Best Bet seemed like a good bet.

I have been before and was interested to see what they offered for lunch. It’s mostly burgers, and a few other sandwiches, but what ended up sounding good to me were the breakfast tacos so that’s what I went with. The menu is pretty straightforward and so is the food. 

They bring you a bread basket of toast and one little cinnamon doughnut type thing per person. You can ask for more toast by flipping over a little sign to let them know you want more.  I enjoyed the doughnut—it was hot and had a lot of cinnamon sugar on it—nice little sweet treat (and available only on weekdays I believe).

My breakfast tacos were good, but I can’ t anything jumped out about them. There were scrambled eggs, cheese and chorizo with salsa and sour cream on the side. The eggs weren’t overcooked, but there wasn’t a lot of seasoning other than exactly the ingredients mentioned. Tortillas with cheese, eggs and chorizo and the chorizo wasn’t overly spicy. Two of the tacos were stuffed really full and one wasn’t. Regardless, this was a pretty darn big meal for me. The breakfast potatoes on the side were a little mushy for my taste, but I am not a big home fries person unless they have really nice crispy edges.

My daughter’s burger was certainly a freshly made patty and she enjoyed it. I would have liked it a little less cooked, but I am sure that is not surprising (they don’t ask). And she had a big owl of cottage cheese on the side. My son had pancakes and bacon. The bacon was pretty tasty and nicely crunchy. The server offered to cut his food for him and then did, which I thought was nice, but maybe a little strange.  They also ask your names when you are first seated—last time I found it more friendly, and this time, it just seemed a little forced, although our server was certainly friendly enough. 

There’s a gambling theme about the place for sure and my kids were intrigued by it, and wanted to come back when they each were handed a poker chip on the way out.

It’s a decent, straightforward, simple breakfast (and lunch) place. The food is certainly not fancy or especially creative, but if you want a locally owned restaurant in that area for some bacon and eggs, it isn’t a bad bet.

Best Bet
14300 Mundy Drive
Noblesville, IN  46060

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