Friday, June 28, 2013

Platt 99

I know Platt 99 is really a bar with little plates of food, more than a restaurant (I don’t think there is even a full kitchen associated with the place) but this is sort of an ideal place for me, because I love eating small lots of little things, and who doesn’t love a drink? The cocktails I have had have been good—the wine list is kind of limited by the glass, but it purports to be a cocktail place so I guess I can’t get too uppity about it.

I love the interior of the bar—it is modern and has what are probably the most photographed lighting in all of Indy Instagram world (that glassed in part in the picture is the bar).  But the hotel is artsy, with some beautiful pieces of art scattered about, and Platt 99 follows the creative lead of the hotel.

Anyway, I am just focusing on the food here and there were certainly some ups and downs.  I appreciate the complimentary truffle popcorn.  You can’t really go wrong there. It’s good to have a little something to munch on that has a hint of truffles.

As far as what I liked, I enjoyed the beef roulade ($11).  It is fresh and has a great mash up of flavors without being heavy.  There are little thin pieces of rare beef that are rolled around arugula and blue cheese and dressed lightly with a truffle vinaigrette.  Four little tasty bites.  It was really well-balanced in its flavors and this
 was one I wanted more of.

I also really liked one of the specials—the banh mi ($7).  Sadly, our server never mentioned it to us, it was another server who was friends with my date that mentioned it and recommended it.  But it was also one of the better things we had. It had duck pate, pickled carrots, arugula, cilantro, peppers and a seasoned mayo. It had a fair amount of heat and was one of the more flavorful items I had.  If it is offered again, it’s something best split between just two people—it comes in 2 small halves.

We also had the Riverbend blue grilled cheese with pears and onions on raisin sunflower bread ($8). It was okay, but the cheese wasn’t really very melty, and honestly, did not have the blue cheese flavor I expected. I wonder if they used a different cheese to be honest.

My least favorite was the escabeche ($9)—and sadly was the one I was most excited about ordering. The description was sardines, egg salad, and toast—all things I really like and was kind of excited by the prospect of something totally different from most Indy menus.  It just didn’t work—the egg salad was underseasoned, the fish very cold and bland.  I expected more of a stronger acidic flavor with the fish, but it was pretty lacking. Interestingly, at the suggestion of a server, we ate the parts separately, and it was better that way. Still not great, but better. I was looking and I think they may have taken this one off the menu which was probably a good call.

The service was a little strange. My friend’s friend (who wasn’t our server) offered up some good advice about food.  Our own server didn’t give a lot of guidance and actually seemed to be rushing us the whole evening (even with not even half the place full). I am not sure if his shift was ending, but it was odd.  I still really like the vibe of the place (and the cocktails I have had in the past have been good) and I look forward to going back to try some of the other small plates. What ones have you guys had?

Platt 99
The Alexander
333 S. Delaware Street
Indy 46204


  1. The fact that it's a cocktail place doesn't excuse the really horrible wine list there. (Libertine is a cocktail bar and has a really fantastic wine list.) I was there recently for a business meeting and chatted with a wine professional who was in Indy for the first time on business and staying at the hotel. His point was valid -- for a hotel of the caliber of The Alexander, the wine list is inexcusably bad. It's unfortunate -- because it takes the place off the radar of a lot of food/wine lovers who could consistently bring them business. Signed, now happy to go to Cerulean where they make a point to bring me a stemmed wine glass.

  2. I was a little surprised by the very small wine list. Maybe they'll add some more here soon... The cocktails are great, but a couple of those and you can't really drink much more.