Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pure Eatery

This was a place that had been on my list for quite awhile and then randomly, several different people mentioned it to me in the course of a week, so I took that as a sign (it doesn’t take much for me when it comes to trying a new restaurant).  I was a little surprised when we walked into the place—I was expecting a basic lunchy-sandwich kind of place and it is actually quite large, nicer than what I expected,  has dinner AND beer and wine.

The menu is pretty big too, and a lot of things sounded good to me, but being in an eggy mood, and always slightly intrigued by any taco I see on a menu, I tried 2 of the breakfast tacos ($3.20 each for the several varieties).  I had the # 3 and the #5 and enjoyed both quite a bit.  The #3 is egg, blue cheese, bacon and green onion mayo.  This was probably my favorite although I liked them both.  It was very creamy—between the blue cheese and the green onion mayo—and it had that salty kick from both which kept it unique and not bland at all.  Honestly, I didn’t get a lot of bacon in this looking back, but honestly, it didn’t really need it.

The #5 had bacon, egg, white cheddar, potato, and jalapeno-cilantro sour cream.  It was slightly more of the traditional taco flavors. Again, I didn’t get a ton of bacon, and the potato showed up mainly in the last two bites of the taco.  I might have enjoyed a bit more bacon in this one, as it was more of a breakfast flavor with the potatoes, egg, bacon and cheese.  The tortillas were nicely warmed and slightly crispy though, and both were worth getting.

I also had a side of the dill potato salad ($2.75) to round out the meal.  I asked the server how it was and he said good, although very “dilly.”  That part was true, and didn’t bother me, but the red potatoes in it were just a bit too firm for me.  It wasn’t bad, but I think I would get something else next time.

The BFF had the roasted veggie panini ($7.80) which was quite good as well (well, based on the couple of bites I had).  I liked the way the server told her (when she asked) to get the whole sandwich vs. the half based on the fact that because it was veggie, it wasn’t as big or filling.  We both agreed that we liked that it had a lot of different veggies in it—not just the ones you typically see in veggie sandwiches.  There were Portobello mushrooms, yellow squash, zucchini, tomato and red onion, as well as provolone and Chipotle mayo.  I also liked that there were no roasted peppers which to me, always overwhelm any other flavors in sandwiches like this.  The mayo had a kick of spice and flavor that took roasted veggies up a notch.  The locally made potato chips from the Amazing Potato Chip Company were really good as well (love that they’re the thinner variety).

A very good experience overall, and a nice place with an exceptionally down-to-earth and friendly server.  Again, I didn’t realize it was more than a lunch place, but after eating there I told hubby we should give it a go one night for dinner.

Pure Eatery
1043 Virginia Ave
Indy 46203
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  1. I went for the first time last week also, and got the same tacos. I too thought they were really good, and thought the #3 taco was the best of the bunch (I also ordered the #4, because I have trouble making choices). My sister had the vegetable panini and enjoyed it.

    My only (minor) gripe was that they were playing some fairly loud house music (as in the techno genre). It wasn't that it was too loud, but loud enough that the combination of the volume and the style of the music seemed to be putting off sort of a nightclub vibe that was at odds with the rest of my experience there, and with a Sunday afternoon in Fountain Square in general. I have no idea if that's usual for them, and it didn't really affect my opinion, but it felt a little out of place.

    One more thing: we went because we had one of the Foodie Indy cards ($10 off a bill of $30 or more). I just assumed we had hit the $30 mark when I gave the card to the server, and didn't realize until later that our bill had actually been short of that by a dollar or so. She went ahead and gave us the discount without any objection, which I appreciated. Good experience.

  2. Wayne, that's funny, I don't remember the music at all. And I have an uncanny knack for hearing even the most quiet music. So it must not have been very loud (if there was any at all).

    funny that we ordered almost exactly the same thing (and I almost ordered the #4 too, but was trying to be good). :)

  3. We went today for lunch. I echo Wayne's sentiments about the music—not overly loud per se but loud enough to be a distraction + an odd choice of selection. The booth was comfy but overall I thought the atmosphere wasn't particularly cozy. Thumping bass on the speakers, soccer on the TV at the bar, fuzzy lampshades & flowers at the table, wacky local art on the walls—it's like the place can't quite make up its mind whether it wants to be edgy or not.

    The Huz ordered the roast beef panini with lemon basil aioli ($7.80). He liked it quite a bit. I didn't taste it so no comment from me.

    The Kid ordered grilled cheese with tomato & pesto aioli on sourdough ($6.40) with fruit instead of chips (90¢ up-charge). She liked it (and ate it with a fork & knife, because kids are weird I guess). I had a bite and it was pretty flavorful even though I'm sure the tomato wasn't the best. The fruit cup looked freshly made in house but I noticed she left a few pieces of rind-y bits uneaten.

    I ordered the chicken Cordon Bleu panini. It wasn't at all what I was expecting—I don't know why because it was exactly as described—but it was very good. I really enjoyed it. Both this and Huz's panini were made on what the waitress called Italian flatbread because they were out of ciabatta; it looked like slices of a hearty loaf, not like flatbread at all, and made a great sandwich. I saw on the menu (after the fact) that they offer Amelia's bread now so made that was it...?

    I thought the prices were a teeny bit steep for sandwiches and a small amount of chips + pickle spear...but it's quite possible I'm too much of a cheapskate. The waitress was friendly but service overall was mediocre—we waited almost 15 minutes for our food and then at least another 5 after Kid was through eating for the check (she always finishes way after we do). Too many places in Fountain Square to try before we'll go back here, I'm sure.