Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blu Moon Café

I was running errands in Carmel the other day (can someone tell me why Indy doesn’t have a party supply store?) and decided to stop into Blu Moon café.  It is one of those places that has been on my radar for awhile, but I just hadn’t managed to get in there.  It is a casual place where you order at the register and they bring you the food. The guy who was working at the register was really nice and helpful and helped me make up my mind about what to order. 
I got the blt with avocado (around $7).  Not a big surprise since this is one of my favorite sandwich combos in general.  And this one was very good. The ingredients were all really good, and there was a substantial amount of a garlic aioli that really added to the flavor of the sandwich.  The bacon was nice and crisp (and plentiful) and the tomato and avocado was ripe. The sandwich was on thin sliced bread that was pressed in a Panini press making the whole thing warm and toasty.  If I could improve it, I would probably just make the bread a little thinner.  It ended up being a fairly bready sandwich. although it was a good quality sandwich overall.

little sample of the egg salad
While I was ordering I also asked if I could try their egg salad, as I am a fan of egg salad in general, although I am kind of picky about it (tons of celery is a big turn off for me). This one looked unique though—yellower than most and I could see there was capers in it.  It was actually really nice big pieces of the boiled egg with Dijon mustard and capers as well as some finely diced red onion.  It was really quite good. I think next time I would get that in something. I liked the slight variation from the standard egg salad.

Blu Moon seems to be one of those places that is making a good effort to make interesting food with really good and fairly healthy ingredients. The people are really friendly, and the place is pretty welcoming.  I think it is the kind of place that Carmel is probably somewhat lacking in.  I would really be interested to hear what other people have eaten there and what others’ experiences have been.  So let me know will ya?

Blu Moon
200 S. Rangeline Road
Carmel, IN 46032
(they’re on facebook)


  1. We love it. You described it perfectly.

    They do a curry chicken salad that I can't avoid.

  2. I used to eat there once or twice a week while I was working in downtown Carmel. The Californian is So good. But. The BBT salad? I crave it.

  3. I was in charge of finding a local restaurant to deliver lunches for a calligraphy guild workshop held in Carmel back in March of 2011. I chose Blu Moon Cafe, and everyone LOVED their lunches. The popular sandwich choices were the Californian, TBLT, Roast Beef, Reuben, and Ham & Swiss. They also liked the Chicken Ceasar Salad and the sides: pasta salad and bean salad. The folks at Blu Moon were great.

  4. The place and food does little for me. Boring. Breads/sandwiches. Yawn. Ho-hum soups.