Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SoBro Café- Revisit

I thought I would write a little mini-update about SoBro Café because I went back today for lunch with a friend and got to finally try the Pannekoeken-which were what I wanted the first times I went, but they were out of them or weren’t serving them.  I got the “farm fresh” version which contained egg, bacon and cheese ($5.75).  I asked how the eggs are done and normally they do them scrambled but I asked if they could do them with runny yolks.  And they did. And it was delicious.  It is basically a crepe, with a nice crispy edge wrapped around the egg, nice small pieces of bacon and I think a couple of types of cheese. Simple and perfectly well-cooked.  I liked the little garnish of bacon slivers on top as well.  My one complaint is that they served it with a little garnish of lettuce and I would have liked it if it were slightly more than a garnish and had some dressing on it.  Also, the portion is fairly small, even for me, so I would recommend ordering a soup or some other side if you have a larger appetite.

My friend, who has been gluten free for many years, was jealous of mine, although we chose the place because they serve all their sandwiches on gluten free bread as an option and he seemed to enjoy his as well. 
So I wanted to update you all because I really enjoyed the Pannekoeken—even if I wished I had just a little more to eat. Also, my friend, who has just been discovering how many gluten free restaurant options are out there, will appreciate any more recommendations you all might have in this area.

SoBro Café
653 East 52nd Street
Indy 46205

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  1. we have a gluten free entree available every day...not really a resturant, I know but still...and we always have very interesting vegetarian options!