Monday, April 2, 2012

Donut Shop

In my family Sunday morning is donut day (a hubby/kid tradition) and since Taylor’s is closed on Sundays, they became frequent visitors to the Donut Shop.  I had never gone with them to buy donuts and always forgot that it was actually a restaurant too.  Always looking for another good low brow breakfast spot, one recent Sunday we decided to give it a shot, and have some donuts for dessert.
First off, it was pretty busy.  We got the last table in the place and a slightly frenzied server took our order—I had my standard—2 eggs over easy with bacon and hash browns and toast (4.75).  Hubby had a variation that included pancakes instead of toast ($6.99).  My daughter had her classic French toast (half order $1.65) and my son, scrambled eggs and bacon.
Honestly, it basically served its purpose as a low brow diner type of breakfast.  The service was fast, and the eggs were cooked exactly right.  The bacon was really thin and crispy—no high falutin’ bacon here at all.  The flavor of it was actually better than I thought from looking at it, but there was no deep porky goodness like you are going to get from something Applewood smoked or anything.  The hash browns on my plate were actually pretty good because they were really extra crispy on the top and bottom and around the edges.  Other hash browns on the table didn’t fare so well.  They lacked crispy edges and were just soft shredded potatoes.
My daughter ate all her French toast and enjoyed it, but it was on pretty small slices of bread (there were 2 halves) and it looked a little wimpy to me, although I didn’t try it.  This place is bare bones, and pretty inexpensive (the orange juice comes in little plastic cups with sealed foil lids, a la school cafeteria).  It does a good business and would suit for a hangover breakfast, but honestly, I think I would prefer the Keystone Deli down the street for the same purpose.

Everyone was happy with their donuts, which we had for lunch, and I think while it will remain a go to spot for some of our favorite local (really cheap) donuts, it will unlikely become a regular breakfast spot (although to be fair, it appeared to be for a lot of people).  So let’s hear it people…what’s your go to hangover breakfast spot?

Donut Shop
5527 N. Keystone Avenue
Indy  46220

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  1. Since I spend most of the summer attending or working at beer festivals, conferences, and events, hangover breakfasts are key. My proven breakfast of semiconscious champions is sausage biscuits and gravy. In any city. LePeep does a nice job as does Original Pancake House (also in Boulder, CO which saved my butt during a beer bloggers conference). Is it bad I'll stop in at Patachou for some better coffee and then roll into LePeeps for food? I love Patachou during the work week, but need more to soak up the booze on a weekend.

  2. The two times I have been there, they have been strictly a cash-only establishment. I don't know if that's permanent, but it might be worth noting if anyone is planning a visit.

  3. BLT at Zest is my hangover cure. A Diest Coke from McDonalds also has a magical cure. If I didn't have anything to soak up the booze, Granite City brunch is solid too.

  4. Waffle House!!! :) Our kids LOVE it, but so do we. Cheap, fast, and well-executed diner breakfast.

  5. Biscuits Cafe in Broad Ripple. Viva México.

  6. I've wondered about this place, thanks for posting about it. Sometimes a basic, diner-like breakfast just hits the spot.



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