Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ale Emporium

After hearing about it from several of you, I met my friend wibia (us bloggers have to stick together after all) for lunch at Ale Emporium so that I could finally try their pizza (apparently I am on a pizza quest now). They have some nice lunch specials with a slice of pizza and a salad, but I really wanted to try the deep dish pizza (that’s what you guys keep telling me anyway) so we ordered a pizza to share (you can’t get the deep dish with the lunch special).
Ale Emporium is an interesting place—much bigger inside than I thought looking at it and extremely casual—it is essentially a bar (don’t bring the kids) with lots of high bar tables. Thankfully they have made one large side of the room non-smoking.
I can’t talk about too much because really, all we had was the pizza (well, and a couple of beers, I mean it is called Ale Emporium right?)—it takes awhile to make a whole deep dish pizza, but I was expecting that—and actually it didn’t take as long as what I would have thought.  Also, our server was attentive and helpful even though it was her first day.

So on to the pizza, I got spinach and mushroom on my half (which for some reason I have decided is the classic deep dish toppings for me--probably because of Zachary’s pizza in Berkeley).  Anyway, it is certainly generous, we shared a small ($16.50) (of course, he had to have sausage on his half, claiming my choices were too girly) and it was a lot of food (at least for me).  There were 6 pieces total.  So overall, I liked it o.k.  It was a little more gooey and sloppy than I thought it would be—but the crust was strong enough to hold up to the toppings.  I guess the deep dish pies I have had in the past were more self contained when you put a piece on your plate.  This one kind of oozed all over. The crust has a sort of almost thick pastry-like texture and I liked the slight flakiness.  I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more spinach and mushrooms in there—clearly the spinach was just some leaves thrown in, not a substantial amount.  I couldn’t really taste either of my chosen toppings that much.  What you tasted was the pretty thick crust and the significant amount of cheese and to a lesser extent, the sauce, but it was a good sauce with decent seasoning.  And at least the crust was hearty enough to stand up to it.  Wibia did say that he thought the deep dish pizza was better when it was bigger—that the proportions were better, and I can see that as a possibility.  Although, I would need a small army to eat an even bigger one.
I am intrigued by the thin crust too though—because the sauce and crust flavors were generally good. I am curious to know what the thin crust is like.  Who has had it?  And which do you like better? 

Ale Emporium
8617 Allisonville
Indy  46202

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  1. I love deep dish style pizza and the Ale Emporium has one of the best deep dish pies around.

  2. Glad you made it to Ale Emporium!

    I would agree, they skimp on the toppings a bit on the deep dish. For that reason, I usually get just cheese. Sometimes I will get green olives because I love them and a little can go a long way with salty olives. I pretty much always take the leftovers home and freeze them for another weekend. It freezes well.

    This deep dish is my go-to indulgent pizza. Therefore, I have never had any other crust.

  3. I have had the thin crust twice recently... the first was with their buffalo chicken toppings (chicken, bleu cheese, buff sauce) and the thin crust was not enough to support all that was on it. The sauce made the crust really soggy quickly, and the crust could not hold up to everything that was on it. The bartender warned me that topping combo was preferable for deep dish, and I didnt listen so thats on me. A couple weeks later I got a thin crust with some simple veggie toppings and it was much better. It was very crispy and cracker like. They have pretty quality topping ingredients and those stood out, which was what I wanted.

  4. Jessica in NoblesvilleApril 5, 2012 at 2:16 PM

    I really like their deep dish with mushroom and sausage, and agree that it's runnier than what I usually think of for Chicago deep dish pizza ... you could almost say they over-do it on the cheese, at the expense of the other ingredients. Still one of the best in Indy,

    I've had their regular crust with the bbq chicken many times, and it's very good but knife-and-fork pizza due to the sogginess. However the flavors are excellent. I have never had their thinnest crust, the folks I go here with all prefer thicker crusts.

    I know you had more than enough food, but how could you go to Ale and not at least try the Hermanaki wings? Wibia, I'm holding *you* responsible, you know better than that.

  5. I tried the Ale Emporium a couple of months ago because I had heard such great things about it. However, I found the pizza to be a bit underwhelming. I didn't think it was overly flavorful and the cheese was like cardboard (especially when you warmed up the leftovers). In my opinion leftover pizza should be just as delicious--if not more delicious-- as the first go 'round. My go to is still Brozinni's--by far the best pizza in Indianapolis... hands down.

    However, the wings at Ale Emporium were phenomenal. We got an order of the Hermanaki style wings and they were definitely the highlight. Beer selection was plentiful as were the TV's if you need to catch the game.

  6. I really enjoyed the deep dish at the Ale when I had it. We had a bigger pizza and I agree that I think bigger is better in this case. However, if you do get a bigger pizza make sure you have 4 or 5 people to share it with. The wings there are great also. The pulled pork sandwich...not so much.

  7. Not their best effort on this particular pizza and I have never known them to be stingy on anything. Oh well. @Jessica. Erin eats like a bird, a full pizza and a beer at lunch was enough. We can grab the wings next time.

  8. We have lived in Noblesville for 16 years. I always knew Ale Emporium was there but we had never gone until a few months ago. I love this place. Great wings, probably the best in Indy. I haven't had the pizza but I've heard that it's very good. We tend to get some wings and a salad and down a few beers.

    My new favorite place in Indy

  9. Rachel from FishersApril 19, 2012 at 8:40 AM

    I've never had the thin crust pizza here but their original crust is excellent- the Buffalo Chicken and BBQ Chicken pizzas are amongst my favorite here!
    Their buffalo chicken dip is also very good.