Thursday, November 3, 2011

La Paix Café

I noticed this place the other day after hubby and I had lunch nearby—it is a little strange with its combo of crepes, smoothies and tons of frozen yogurt (self serve).  So, I was interested in the crepes, but I am just curious, what is deal with the re-birth of frozen yogurt places?  I love that people think they are eating something healthy after they have added a pound of candy and toppings to it.  Also reminds me of that Seinfeld episode about  “fat free” frozen yogurt. Anyone ever see that one?  We all know that “fat free” does not equal healthy anyway right?
It is also a little strange for the plasticized versions of the food on display in the window.  I haven’t seen that since Japantown in San Francisco. Never really found plasticized versions of food appealing, but maybe I am just too picky.  But even with all these warning signs, I was really hopeful about have a possibility of a good crepe close by my house. I will say the staff is exceptionally friendly—offering free samples of lots of different things.
So I had the Parisian crepe which was cheese (mozzarella I believe), ham, mushrooms and I had them add an egg (of course) and they even agreed to cook it sunny side up.  The crepe itself is quite big, and they fill them and fold them into a triangle so that I guess in theory you can hold it and eat it without a knife and fork.  You know me, that’s not my style, so I unwrapped it (as did the BFF who was joining me) at ate it on a plate.  I liked that it wasn’t overfilled, but it was maybe a bit unevenly filled—the edges had really little filling and were mainly just the crepe part.  And the fillings?  Well, they were just average.  The ham on mine (and the turkey on the BFF’s) was just plan, basic lunch meat.  It wasn’t even particularly good lunch meat.   There weren’t many mushrooms, and I am thinking they may have been canned.  They really didn’t add any flavor.  The cheese was also bland.  The egg was fine, but heck, I had added that to their combo.  This crepe lacked anything interesting about it.  I like mushrooms that are sautéed with a bit of seasoning and maybe an upgrade on the cheese and meat.  To me, this was just a fast food version of a crepe.
We also split a dessert crepe.  Again, I was underwhelmed. We had nutella and strawberries.  Even the strawberries weren’t fresh—they were in that weird gooey pie filling kind of stuff.  And there was not a lot of nutella on it.
I don’t know, maybe the draw here is the 15 or so self serve frozen yogurt dispensers.  But since I am not into that, I don’t see myself back at this place anytime soon. But I honestly still don’t get the frozen yogurt thing.
La Paix Café
8487 Union Chapel Road
Indy  46240

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  1. I agree with you regarding the "FroYo" craze. They are every where. Old banks? If I want a sweet cold treat I think ice cream is the way to go. Brix in BR is good as is Handels in Fishers. Your thoughts?

  2. I sincerely hope Fro Yo places are a fad that goes away and soon. I don't know how in this day and age I can live within 5 miles of 5 DIFFERENT fro yo places but the nearest whole, natural foods grocer is 20 minutes at least.

  3. Russ, I agree. And if I am going to indulge, it is going to be something worthy..I really like BRICS in Broad Ripple too (and so do my kids) Haven't been to Handels, even though pretty sure we just got coupons at the Children's museum haunted house for there...We will have to try it.

    Anon, so true, so true.

  4. I heard a rumor that Red Mango closed?

  5. Red Mango in Broad Ripple is closed RIP. They are replacing it with a new undisclosed restaurant=cough food truck.

  6. Red Mango closed?? Darn, I still had a couple of eversave coupons to use there. Makes sense that since I didn't use them I nor others were very excited about eating froyo. It will be interesting to see how many make it through the winter.



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