Monday, November 14, 2011

H2O - Revisit

****H2O is CLOSED********
So it has been awhile since I reviewed H2O, and while I know I have done it before, I felt like it was time for an update. And I actually got some sushi this time, and since, ahem, a few people have gone completely insane over the fact that I have reviewed this place without reviewing the sushi; I figured this was a good time.  We were in the mood and got a couple rolls. We also had my sister and her husband with us, so we could order a little more than we usually do.
But first, one of my favorite go to dishes at H2O is the tuna tartar appetizer ($14).  I think I have even discussed it before in my review, but it is yummy and something I crave on a regular basis.  It is tuna with chives, cilantro, and radish and marinated in lemon, soy and ginger.  The fish is super fresh and the marinade and seasonings give it a nice texture variation as well as a light, but distinctive Asian flavor.  They serve it with crispy wonton chips and I just love it. I could eat it all the time.
The next thing we had were the rolls.  We had the serpent roll ($13.50) which was a special. It was delicious.  It had a lot going on, but an impressive combination of flavors.  Inside it was spicy tuna, romaine and crunchy onions and it was wrapped with eel, avocado, spicy sauce and bonito.  It was more of a gooey type of roll, which is probably not truly traditional, but I really enjoyed it. I liked the spiciness from the tuna and the sauce, the soft eel and avocado on top and the little crunch from the onions and lettuce.  I would get this one again.
In contrast, the other roll we had was much lighter in flavor. It was the seafood delight ($13).  Inside the roll was shrimp, jalapeno, cilantro and avocado and it was wrapped with crab and super thin lime slices and topped with a ginger sauce.  While totally different,  I enjoyed this one too.  I really liked the fresh citrus kick from the lime and the slight spice from the ginger and a little kick from the jalapeno. If I had to choose, I probably liked the decadence of the serpent roll the best though.  
We then had tacos—one is a regular on the menu (and a regular for us) and the other was a special.  The carne asada tacos ($12) were the special and they were really tasty.  It was marinated Wagyu flat iron steak with salsa, queso fresco, radish, onion and cilantro.  They were served with a side of pickled veggies that were really nice to put on top for a bit of tanginess.  There were pickled jalapenos, carrots and onions. I really liked the onions.  There were two tacos served in doubled up soft corn tortillas.  The beef was flavorful and really tender—not cooked to death.   You could really taste the meat through the other things, because the toppings were not over the top.
One of the carne asada tacos

 The other tacos we had were the grilled shrimp tacos ($10). While similar in theory, these had different fillings and are one of our perennial favorites.  The shrimp are perfectly grilled and not tough, and they are inside a soft flour tortilla that is also filled with shredded cabbage, guacamole, radish, cilantro, sour cream and a yuzu adobo sauce.  They have a slightly smoky flavor and are much creamier than the beef ones because of that cream, guacamole and sauce.  But they still have a bit of crunch from the veggies.  I have had them several times and have always thoroughly enjoyed them—they are also 2 to an order.
Of course we had to have “the cookie” for dessert served with the espresso whipped cream.  This is still one of the best cookies I have ever eaten—a rich, warm, chewy oatmeal type cookie with pecans and even a bit of coconut I think.  If you go to H2O for the first time, these are a requirement.  It was a first visit for my sister and her husband and while they enjoyed everything, they really seemed to love the cookies. 
This has been one of my favorite places to eat in Indy since I first went, and continues to be.  If you haven’t been, and even if you don’t like sushi, you should give it a try.  The sushi is great, and so are all the other wonderful things on the menu.
H2O Sushi
1912 Broad Ripple Avenue
Indy 46220
317/254-0677  (P.S. So happy to see the updated website and the daily menus.)

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  1. So glad you highlighted H2O again: we've only been once, but loved everything we had. I was surprised, because no one ever talks about it!

  2. Erin - I read your blog a lot, but this is the first time for me to comment! My husband and I LOVE trying new, local restaurants...and experimenting with cooking at home. We live near H2O, and it is our go-to for sushi. However, we always enjoy the other dishes as well...this weekend we tried the pork cheek ragout, and it was outstanding!! Highly recommend you try it when you go back.

  3. Katy, I know it is one of the best restaurants in town that no one talks about. Although the night we were there, it was packed, so I was happy to see that.

    Kelly, YAY! I love it when long time readers comment! (Ok, I love comments in general, but especially new commenters!). And I totally agree, their non-sushi dishes are usually great, and honestly, are usually what we order. Hope to hear from you again!


  4. Last night we went back to H2O for hubby's birthday and had a superb meal top to bottom. Even better than the one I wrote about here. We had the tuna tartar of course, the cobia crudo with a lovely cauliflower panna cotta and citrus, fennel and capers. The scallop dynamite was, well, dynamite--served in a warm scallop shell it was chopped scallops and shitake mushrooms with basil, cilantro and jalapeno on top of sushi rice and covered with eel sauce. Amazing. The chicken and egg bowl was also a rice based dish that included super tender chicken confit, a smoked egg (still runny inside), broccoli and barely pickled cucumbers. And then there was the pork cheek ragout with udon noodles, tomato, kale and red pepper. Wow. Hubby inhaled this. I barely could get my fork in there. And it was all so good. And THEN, we ventured out from "the cookie" and got this special dessert--a take on an apple crumble with cinnamon ice cream. Holy moly. This is easily one of the best meals I have had in Indy. Go there, get some of that stuff from the daily specials section, and be prepared to be wowed.

  5. So glad you posted this! We went to H2O last night based on your review and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though I've eaten "the cookie" at other places, having it served warm with the espresso cream took it to another level entirely!

  6. Erin,

    I STRONGLY suggest you try TOMO, it's on 75th and Keystone right next to Walmart. We drove by this place several times and never noticed it until a friend recommended it. The service there is outstanding. Order the 'sweetheart' roll, and you'll see why. The presentation is out of this world and you can tell they use the freshest ingredients.

    Looking foward to seeing a blog on this!