Sunday, August 7, 2011

Devour Downtown Summer 2011

Tomorrow starts this Summer's Devour Downtown (wow, time flies).  As usual, lots of great downtown restaurants are participating but I am starting to become a little jaded about which places are really a good deal.  So many of them are close to the three courses for $30 price point anyway.  So this week I am going to hit up one of the steakhouses I think--I know they are usually a good deal (and I appreciate the slightly reduced portions).  I do like that there are some new places and ideas this year--Sensu is new to Devour and is actually doing 4 coursesHarry & Izzy's is doing a separate vegetarian option.  Several places are also doing lunch specials.

What are your plans?  Do you still think Devour Downtown is a good deal?  Where are your top choices for dinner (or lunch)?  I want to hear where you plan to go, and how it tastes afterwards.


  1. We've always found Smokehouse on Shelby to be the best deal and they have some of the best BBQ in Indy. Their hush puppy biscuits are delicious and their wings are killer.

  2. My husband and I have reservations at Fogo de Chao. We've talked about going there since it opened, but didn't figure we'd eat enough meat to make it worth the normal cost so this looked like a good opportunity to finally try it out.

  3. Devour downtown remains great promotional effort for downtown Indianapolis. This especially true this summer with all all the street construction issues issues and new street parking rules make downtown an increasingly unfriendly place to visit.

  4. I've been reviewing the places and have to say that I was getting disgruntled with many of the same restaurants always being an option. But, there are definitely a few new ones, so that is good.

    Despite new, I've made reso's for two I haven't tried that have been listed for quite a while. Ambrosia and Eagle's Nest...where are you dining?

  5. Joe in Montgomery OHAugust 8, 2011 at 9:24 AM

    Hi Erin! We're back in Indianapolis for two night this week, but staying in Carmel rather than downtown due to all that mess, however, we'll get back to you on the following.

    R Bistro on Thursday night. The "Devour" menu doesn't do much for us, but we'll see.

    One other choice to make and, again, will comment on return if the deep fryers at the Indiana State Fair don't kill us first!

    Thanks, as always, for this thread.

  6. Jessica in NoblesvilleAugust 8, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    Note to Joe from Ohio ... while in Carmel, you have to have a breakfast at Bub's Cafe! Soooo good and worth the hard-to-find location. The donut holes are a must-have.

  7. Ahow: hmmm...not sure I had the hush puppy biscuits when I was there. Sound good.

    Susan: yes, I have heard fogo is a good deal and you are right about eating enough to make it worth it. I always feel like they have made their money off of me in places like this because I just can't eat that much.

    Jeff: you are right about it being a good promotion. And I do think it brings people out. I just wish they could come up with ways to make it a better deal at some of these places--maybe a free glass of wine or something? And I also agree that the construction downtown can be frustrating. I am looking forward to seeing some finished projects!

    Citynomnoms: I think we are going to go to one of the steakhouses because they are usually a good deal. I am also intrigued by Sensu's menu.

    Joe: R Bistro is a place where I would just forget the devour menu if it doesn't speak to you and get something else. And to go along with Jessica's suggestion, if you want another breakfast place in Carmel, for some lovely French egg dishes (love the crepes), try La Mie Emilie also right in downtown Carmel.

    Jessica: you are making me want to try those donut holes!

  8. Like CityNomNoms, I'm a little bored with Devour. But it always gets me out to try a restaurant that I either haven't been to or haven't been to in a long time. All in all, I think it's good for Indy.

    This time I'm planning to visit Rathskellar, Sensu and Turner's.

  9. Joe Temporaty Not in Montgomery OHAugust 11, 2011 at 9:53 PM

    Hi Erin from the wilds of Carmel! Harry and Izzy's for lunch today. Good, but too much construction dust, diesel exhaust and flies outside. Will go back after it's all over and try it inside. Devour lunch menu at steal!

    Loss of Agio and Glass Chimney is sad, but we hadn't patronized either in eons even before moving back to the Midwest.

    Devour is a good marketing tool and I long for the day that Downtown is back together again and all the rubble, dust and noise is gone.

    Off topic, but lunch yesterday outside at Oh Yumm at 56th and Illinois was delightful and quiet. My old neighborhood sort of so I'm probably prejudiced. Also, off topic, but L.E. Kinkaid and Sons Meat Market is still as good as I remember as child. Igloo is full going back to Cincinnati tomorrow.

    As my father said "Ain't God Good to Indiana". Cheers to all.