Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Bet

Based on recommendations from readers, hubby and I headed north to Noblesville for a new breakfast spot.  It was a Sunday, and there was a bit of a wait.  We settled on bar seating because we looked around and realized we were going to wait a fair amount of time if we wanted a table.  Hubby usually isn’t a fan of bar seating because he likes a back on his chairs, but it actually turned out nice because we got to watch them cook everything.  The kitchen is really small—mainly just the area behind the bar with one large griddle on which is mainly piled their breakfast potatoes (“Ava potatoes”).  The place is decorated in a gambling theme which is carried through on the menu.
So I had “The Bluff” which was 3 eggs, your choice of sausage (2 patties) or bacon (2 slices), their “Ava” potatoes and a bottomless basket of buttered wheat toast ($6.50).  This is sort of a large meal for me, I would never eat three eggs at once (and only ate two on this visit), but there aren’t a lot of options for smaller breakfasts—and most of them are actually bigger than this one.  So I liked the bottomless toast concept. They give you a little disc that you can turn over to one side if you want more or the other if you don’t.  The toast was clearly buttered with real butter and it was nice because the toast was always fresh and hot when you wanted it.
The eggs were cooked perfectly over medium.  The bacon wasn’t bad, but didn’t really stand out to me for anything—hubby had the sausage patties which they made from a ball of the fresh sausage and flattened on the grill (see how much I learned sitting at the bar?).  They were much better than the bacon I thought.
So it was interesting watching them work on the potatoes the whole time—they were more like home fries, chunks of cooked potatoes that were put on the grill and continually cooked with melted butter, fresh onions and seasoning salt being added all along the way.  Because I saw them when we sat down, I ordered mine well done, because I like some crunch with my potatoes—normally they are more of a soft, almost creamy consistency (with as much butter as they were putting in there, it makes sense they would be creamy.).  The thing I liked was how they were using pretty pure ingredients in the food.  And they accommodated me and fried them a little more right on the grill before they served them to me and they were pretty tasty.  I am still a hash brown girl at heart, but I liked the crispy bits.
The other thing I really liked about the place was although it was quite busy, the owner was there, and everyone working seemed invested in the place. Our server introduced herself and asked our names when we sat down and wrote them on our check with her thank you.  The owner came to us, as well as everyone else, and checked on us a couple of times.  There is certainly pride in the place.  The food is good, the service very good (although it takes awhile when they are busy with a kitchen that small—but it is not for lack of efficiency in the kitchen).  It is a warm, family friendly breakfast spot and if it were in my neighborhood, I would probably return just because of the hospitality—and the food hit the spot too.
Best Bet
14300 Mundy Drive
Noblesville, IN  46060

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  1. That echos my thoughts on Best Bet pretty closely. It's in my hood so I'm not sure why I don't go more often.

  2. Jessica in NoblesvilleMay 18, 2011 at 6:00 PM

    Glad you guys enjoyed it, they're a shining example of what a locally-owned breakfast joint should be, and the owners are super-friendly. Burgers are also very good.

  3. The best part about the sausage is that it is homemade. I haven't seen them actually grinding the pork into sausage, but a buddy of mine is friends with the owner and that's what he tells me. Either way Best Bet is awesome!

  4. Went to take my Mother to Best Bet had a party of 6 refused to seat us together. The guy with the funny mustache was very rude. He said that he wanted to grow up to be like me. Was told to leave. Took my mother to Bob Evans where they were more than Happy to seat u's together. Was at best Bet before and watched them ask a couple if they were finished, they said not yet and was told to finish they need the table. Will not return