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1/2 Price Bottles of Wine

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So, the other night hubby and I were out and happened to stumble upon another half price wine (by the bottle) night and we got to talking about how much we like these because it gets us to try new things (and usually more expensive things than we might otherwise).  Or it allows us get what we usually would, and save a bit of money. (**Please note, most restaurants have limitations on which bottles are ½ off, it is often the bottles under $100, but they each have slightly different limitations).
I thought it would be fun to put together a list to see if we could go out to eat every night of the week and get half priced bottles of wine (not that we ever eat out every night, but I just wanted to see if you could, if you wanted to). And then I thought, of course, I should share it with you all.
Okay, so here’s what I came up with after some fairly minimal research.  Please let me know if you know of additional ones (or if any of my information is incorrect) and I will adjust the list.

Monday:        Istanbul Café—1450 West 86th Street, Indy, 317/876-9810;
                          Eddie Merlot’s—3645 East 96th Street, Indy, 317/846-8303;

Tuesday:        Ripple Inn—929 East Westfield Blvd, Indy ,317/252-2600;
                          14 West – 14 West Maryland, Indy, 317/636-1414;  
                          Noah Grant’s—65 South First Street, Zionsville, 317/732-2233;

Wednesday:    Meridian – 5694 N. Meridian, Indy, 317/466-1111;
Ruth’s Chris Northside – 9445 Threel Road, Indy, 317/844-1155;  

Thursday:        14 West – 14 West Maryland, Indy, 317/636-1414;  
                            Iaria’s—317 South College, Indy, 317/638-7706;

Saturday:         Arni's-- 4705 East 96th Street, Indy, 317/571-077;    
                        (thanks Andrea!)             
Sunday:           Mesh: 725 Massachusetts Ave, Indy 317/955-9600;
                           Eddie Merlot’s—3645 East 96th Street, Indy, 317/846-8303;
                           Noah Grant’s—65 South First Street, Zionsville, 317/732-2233;


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  1. Great round up. I know a lot of wine folks who routinely hit the Ruth's Chris Northside wine night. Also, a tip, if you want a more expensive bottle, the somm or manager will almost always make you a deal.

  2. Kincaids in Clay Terrace has half-price bottles on Sundays.

  3. Arni's on 96th Street has half-price bottles on Saturdays. Just enjoyed one last Saturday. :)

  4. Great idea. This next proposal might be way too big but I would like to see a list of places that have food happy hours (half price appetizers, etc) and related details. Love the blog.

    Southside Jay

  5. Braingirl- yes, many places will make a deal. I know Z's will do that too..

    ebundri and Andrea: thanks. I will add them to the list!

    Southside Jay: sounds like a good idea, although a lot of work...So if you guys get me started, I will work on it. If you know of a place with good specials, post it here or email me and I will compile them.


  6. I am in employee at Kincaids. Unfortunately, we do not do 1/2 price bottles anymore on sundays or any other day of the week. It was a decision made by our corporate office.

  7. Thanks for the update Lindsay! I have taken it off the list.

  8. Stone Creek, Boulder Creek & Charbonos all have 1/2price btls on Monday nights!

  9. Here are a few others ahlf price bottle of wine locations:
    Tuesday night Binkleys in B.R. and Champps at Keystone Crossing
    Thursday night at Moon Dog on 96th St


  10. Palomino has half priced bottles of wine every Wednesday all day.


  11. I bartend at Kincaid's and Half price bottles of wine are back at Kincaid's in Clay Terrace on Sundays.

  12. Rick's Boatyard has half priced bottles on Monday.

  13. imcdave - Cunninham Group, Stone Creek, Boulder Creek and Charbons are Mondays. Mesh on Mash is Sunday. Dawnsons on Main, Speedway is Tuesady and Dawsons Two in Brownsburg is Thursday.



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