Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spicy Restaurants in Indy for Cooking Channel Show

תבלינים Dried hot pepper Shata TypeImage via WikipediaThis is not my typical post, but I was having so much fun reading all the recommendations on Twitter, I wanted everyone to get a chance to chime in.

The Cooking Channel is looking for Indy restaurants that have great really spicy food with great atmosphere and/or extreme spicy food challenges to feature on a show.  They already know about the shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo, so something other than that.  Tell me the restaurant, and what food you would recommend from it that is nice and spicy.

What do you guys think? I know you will have some great ideas!

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  1. The hot mustard at the Rathskeller downtown is some of the hottest most people I know can handle. I think like St. Elmo's the heat comes from horseradish. It's not something you can just spread on, but it does add delicious spice.

  2. Thai Taste on 82nd by Trader Joes. I've had food from there that was too hot to eat!

  3. No signage outside but the Tortas Guicho Dominguez y El Cubanito at
    641 Virginia Avenue is brightly painted with OPEN signs in the windows - had some fabulous Mexican sandwich action for lunch today, served big with some great red and green salsas & jalapeno and spicy carrots all sliced up to add a little - or a LOT of - heat. For a little hole in the wall, I was quite impressed. The Cubana is probably more than I can deal with; I had to take half my Salma Hayek (the creations are named, improbably, after celebrities) home where it made an excellent dinner. Check it out.

  4. The mustard from the Rathskeller I believe is from http://www.silverspringfoods.com/mustard.aspx. They buy it in large drums. It will clear the Indiana sinus crud out of anyone's nose in a heartbeat and is great on the pretzels.

  5. Jessica in NoblesvilleMarch 15, 2011 at 11:03 PM

    I second the Thai Taste ... even when I order their Tom Yum soup it's killing me ... it's good but makes me cry, don't need to mention what it does on the way out ... but for some reason I keep going back.

    For excellent spicy food that's not trying to kill you, I strongly recommend the Hermanaki chicken wings at Ale Emporium, just north of Thai Taste at 86th and Allisonville, near the Melting Pot.

  6. Seconding Thai Taste. Order their curry as "thai hot." They'll do you right.

  7. Szechwan Garden on Lafayette Road has some really spicy dishes. I had some amazing dumplings there that were really spicy! Plus it's super cool in there :)

  8. JJ's Backyard in Broad Ripple has a special hOT HOT menu for Halloween every year. That might make for a fun and different segment!

  9. Sichuan Chinese Restaurant on Westfield Blvd in Carmel. Seems like an obvious choice, but really anything on their Chinese menu is fantastically spicy with plenty of Sichuan peppercorn.

  10. Imperial Palace on Lafayette Rd will ask you for your heat preference on a 1-10 scale. A seven was almost too much to bare, so I'm thinking a 10 will have you seeing psychedelic colors :)

  11. The disco inferno burger at Boogie Burger is muy caliente! They put grilled serano peppers on it, as well as pepper jack cheese. It's intense and delicious.
    Oh, and the spicy gyro at Sam's is really yummy too. I'd never had or seen a spicy gyro before them.
    Oh and Scotty's Mofo sauce. Holy addiction!

  12. There is a quesadilla at "Usual Suspects" called "Hot House Beef" and it certainly is not for the faint of heart. A little cabbage on the inside keeps it just in the realm of sane.

  13. The new burritos that West Coast Tacos is pushing out were VERY spicy but I couldnt stop eating them.

  14. I second Szechwan Garden on Lafayette. Chicken w/ peppers is exactly that - there must be a pound of dried red chili peppers in the sir fry. And it's tasty as well as hot.

  15. I have a pretty high Scoville tolerance, but YIKES--the shredded hot-pepper chicken at Sichuan Chinese Restaurant (11588 Westfield Blvd, Carmel) is incendiary ... and deceptive, too, because the heat doesn't hit you until later. The restaurant's atmosphere is exactly what you'd find in a typical Chinatown in Boston, New York, or San Francisco. I love the food here -- it's authentic home cooking.

  16. Naisa in Fountain Square! It's a "pan-asian" restaurant--and they have amazing Spicy Basil Curry Fried Rice.. and the owner (she's amazing) makes it to where it gets spicier with every bite you eat!!! Yum!

  17. blistering wings at just wingin it...mofo sauced wings at 3 wise/scottys...

    hot stuffed burgers at sinking ship...

    obviously any of the thai restaurants....

    brugge can do some pretty spicy mussels..

    mamas house does some pretty spicey stuff..

    hot bbq at jamaican style jerk

    Restaurante Oaxaca has some palate blasting salsas

    pollo allegre has some outstanding salsas...although not blistering



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