Monday, March 14, 2011

Café Korea

Yay! Another good ethnic place a little closer to home for me!  I finally dragged the BFF out to Café Korea the other day (we have a really bad tendency to end up at the same places together a lot); it has been on my list ever since I noticed it when I reviewed the Dragon House Chinese restaurant next door.
We were greeted by an exceptionally friendly woman who told us to sit wherever we wanted.  We looked over the menu, and I have to say there are several things that look quite good.  But when the same lady came back to take our order, I decided to ask her advice. I loved the way she looked out the window to see what the weather was like, and then told us we should order the Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap because it was a nice hot dish that would warm us up.  We ordered that, as well as an order of beef Bulgogi and decided we would share.

The Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap ($8.99) was great—I really liked it.  It was a sizzling hot earthenware pot with white rice on the bottom, and topped with shredded veggies (carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, and zucchini I believe) and beef as well as a beautiful sunny side up egg.  Just before eating, you stir it all together, which cooks the egg just a bit more and gives you bits of the caramelized rice that has been a bit burnt on the bottom of the pot.  Our server made sure we knew to mix it all up before we started, but explained it in a helpful and not condescending way, which I appreciated.  It was served with a bottle of special hot sauce, which was a nice addition to give it a little heat.  I loved all those slightly crunchy browned bits of rice with the rich egg and the slightly cooked, but very thinly sliced or julienned veggies.  I would get this again in a second.

The Bulgogi ($7.99) was also quite good, but not quite as good as the first dish.  It was nice to have a bit more beef though, because there isn’t a lot of meat to the bi bim bap, and the bulgogi dish was pretty much all thinly sliced and marinated beef that was grilled—there were a few green onions, mushrooms and bits of cabbage in there as well.  The meat was nicely flavored with what tasted like a slightly sweet soy marinade, although there were a few pieces that had a little too much fat to them for my taste, but they were easily trimmed away.  I was surprised that there was no rice served alongside (and I think it was an oversight because it is listed on the menu as coming with steamed rice and a house salad for lunch, but we were fine with the rice in the other dish).  It was actually a great combo of things for two people to share, because it gave you a little more protein. 

As mentioned, they both came with house salads as well beforehand, which were your typical iceberg lettuce in a cup with a bit of a gingery dressing.  As far as these go, this one wasn’t bad and had the right amount of dressing.  Alongside your entrées, you also receive the traditional Korean side dishes, or banchan.  My favorites were the pickled bean sprouts and the wilted spinach.  The other things (one was turnip I believe and cucumbers the other) were the spicier additions. They were all nice to add a bit of acidity and heat.
But one of the things, as I have sort of already mentioned, that I liked about this place was how friendly and accommodating our server was.  She actually seemed to care about what she told us to order, and she cared about us getting the maximum enjoyment out of the food, which was quite tasty.  This is a place that I, as well as the BFF, will be back to.  She was already telling me how she wanted to take the rest of her family and was going to recommend it to her Dad, who is a fan of Korean food.
Café Korea
7262 Fishers Crossing Drive
Fishers, IN 46038

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  1. We (myself and family) went again for dinner on Saturday. I got the Dol Sot again (I've been craving it daily since you and I went). We also got the dumplings (more like potstickers, weren't steamed) and the Seafood pancake. The pancake was DELISH! The kids loved the Bulgogi, too. Had a nice wine this time, too.

  2. I am a big fan of their Soon Dubu (Sp?). It is a spicy seafood tofu soup. Vey good especially when you mix rice in it. There is another place down the road, E Miracle that has great Korean Soon Dubu as well.

  3. I'm so happy that you like this place since I had recommended it in the comments before. The service itself is so warm and friendly that I think I would still go back even if the food was mediocre. Try the barley tea the next time you are in (not on the menu). It's good and refreshing.

  4. I really enjoy Cafe Korea. Lunch is a great deal... Last time I was there I had the Bulgogi and the Chop Chae (noodles).

  5. I went there for lunch a while back. Great food, service and price.

  6. Just saw your tweet on spicy foods in Indy. That is awesome that the Food Network contacted you! Though it isn't a food, Euphoria has a bloody mary that they use horseradish-infused vodka in. It is serious stuff! Maybe that will help. I'm looking forward to seeing what others say.

  7. Had plans to go last night and then saw your review! Awesome place! She was so excited when I told her about the review. My Korean sister-in-law described it as home cooking...Korean style! True Seoul food!!

  8. Hi Erin, thanks for the recommedation. I was near Fishers on Saturday and decided to stop by there after reading your post. Friendly service and great food.



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