Monday, April 5, 2010

Yuki Japanese and Thai

****ED NOTE: Yuki is no longer in business******

We had to be in Castleton the other day and were trying to figure out a place near or at the mall that wasn’t a chain. Now this is somewhat difficult in this area, but we settled on Yuki because you can’t get any closer to the mall (it is actually located at the main entrance) and hey, I could review it too.

Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting too much from a mall restaurant, but we were fairly pleasantly surprised, at least with some of it. We shared a couple of things, a bento box and a specialty roll called the “Melting roll” which was actually really good. He promptly proclaimed it one of the best specialty rolls he has had in Indy.

This roll was enormous, and not cheap at $18, but it was quite interesting. At its center, it had a mix of crab (or “krab” as we call the imitation stuff), spicy mayo and crunch. That part was wrapped in seaweed, had the regular layer of rice, then on top a beautiful slice of avocado was covered with an amazing slice of white tuna which was then lightly singed with a kitchen torch. It was then topped with roe and little pieces of scallions and drizzled with more of the spicy mayo. Even I liked it. I really enjoyed the slight smokiness and warmth that the torching of the fish added. And the avocado was perfect and plentiful. Even with the fake crab, it was very tasty.

I had a bento box that came with chicken teriyaki and shrimp tempura as well as some California rolls and a couple of shrimp sui mai. The chicken was a little dry, but the sauce was nice—not too sweet. The tempura was really good, light and crunchy, some of the better tempura I have had in Indy. I also loved that in the mix of veggies included with the tempura, they had a piece of broccoli tempura. I love broccoli tempura and you rarely see it in Indy for some reason. In California, almost all tempura would come with at least a piece of broccoli in it. Not sure why no one does it here. And broccoli seems so Midwestern too. The other little bits were just okay, the sui mai was not bad (little shrimp and pork dumplings) and the California roll was just meh.

No, I would say the real standout was that fancy roll and the tempura. If I went back, I would just probably get an order of tempura or maybe try one of the Thai dishes (they also offer several Thai dishes). Pretty sure hubby would vote for this roll again too if they offer it. But hey, for a place literally in the mall, it is probably one of the best bets. And at least it is independent.

Yuki Sushi & Thai
6020 East 82nd Street, Suite 1406
Indy 46250
(no website I could find)


  1. I work for a Japanese company and talked our Japanese staff into going.
    They tried the Ramen which of course if very difficult to duplicate. We have been disappointed at every "Japanese" restaurant that serves it especially Ichiban (Worst ever). Needless to say, they pulled it off. THe Ramen at Yuki is authentic. Very surprised.

  2. I had lunch at Yuki today. Ordered from the 'Dinner Menu' rather than the 'Lunch Menu'. Tiny slices of Agedashidofu. (as an appetizer) Selection of sushi (no rolls, I consider 'sushi' as NOT really encompassing rolls) - just OK bordering on not-OK. Ramen with soyu broth - the ramen itself was good but the broth was VERY, very salty. I find it difficult to believe that the Japanese folks 'Anonymous' brought to the place would normally have broth this salty back in Japan. Served with sweet tofu-sushi. Personally, I don't like this pocket-tofu-sushi. Served without regard to pacing, the ramen sat in its bowl cooling down while I attended to the sushi platter. There was one other diner in the place when I walked in, at the sushi bar having a bento box, who left soon after I got there. I was subsequently the only person there. The waitress was obliging and attentive, though.

  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that Yuki is out of business. It's a shame, too. My husband and I really used to enjoy going there on Thursdays when the sushi was half price. I will also miss their beef pad thai.

  4. Kerri-

    thanks for the update! It really is too bad--their food was pretty good and it was nice having a non-chain in Castleton.

    Although, I am not overly surprised as there never seemed to be a lot of business there when I looked in.