Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Marco's - Lunch

Hubby and I were driving on Keystone looking for a particular fried chicken place the other day (didn’t have the exact address on us, so we weren’t sure where it was). We couldn’t find it this day, and we were hungry so we just decided to bag it and go to Marco’s. It is one of those places we drive by a lot and have wondered about, and I didn’t even know they were open for lunch. Great patio, great day, we decided to give it a go.

The first thing I noticed was how crowded it was for lunch. Not full, but the patio was about half full, the restaurant was about half full, and even the bar was half full. It was a beautiful (if windy) day and we chose the patio. We were seated right next to a little fountain which I appreciated because it drown out a little of the busy traffic noise from 54th and Keystone.
We were promptly waited on by a very friendly and attentive server. Marco’s is an Italian place, but their lunch menu, while it includes several Italian dishes, mainly features regular soup , salad and sandwich lunch items. Honestly, the menu wasn’t overly exciting to me, but as we walked in hubby spied a pork tenderloin sandwich being served to another table and declared that is what he was getting. I had a hard time choosing just because nothing was really inspiring me, but I ended up going with a chicken and mozzarella Panini with tomatoes and avocado. Also, for my side, I had a cup of the creamy broccoli soup. I was assured it, as well as everything else there, was homemade.

The soup was pretty good. I liked it better than my sandwich actually. It was a creamy soup, but with several chunks of veggies including carrots and celery, and a nice broccoli flavor. It had a touch of cheese in it, so it was pretty rich, but just a cup of it hit the spot. I would order soup here again for sure.

My sandwich, on the other hand, was just mediocre. The chicken part of it was nice. It wasn’t too dried out, and even though it was a whole piece of lightly seasoned chicken breast, it was maybe pounded a bit, so it wasn’t too thick. The mozzarella was pretty good, it said fresh, so I was sort of expecting it to be a bit softer I guess. It just seemed like regular firm mozzarella (melted) to me. The avocado was mostly brown which was a bit of a turn off, and the tomatoes, as usual, were not ripe. The bread was nicely toasted in the Panini press, but all in all, I would not get this sandwich again based on this experience.

Hubby had the pork tenderloin sandwich which was much better than mine. It was the way we like them, not so thin that it is totally dried out and hanging over the bun. And the bun itself was perfect and the same size as the tenderloin (which was big). Just some mayo and onions on top and it was quite delicious. I had several bites of it, and it was certainly one of the better tenderloins I have had, and I would even think of ordering it should we return.

So would I go back to Marco’s? Well it is certainly on the radar now, and I know hubby is going to want to go back for another tenderloin.

2380 East 54th Street
Indy 46220

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  1. I went to Marco's once and, though it was possibly just a really, really off night, I will never go back again. Per the server's recommendation, I ordered penne with pesto (there wasn't all that much choice for a non-meat-eater). What came out seemed more like barely reconstituted dried parsley and dried basil, with some whole pinenuts added, limply floating in oily water. It did not resemble any pesto I have known. I told the server that I wasn't very fond of the dish; he was exasperated and told me in a huff that it was his favorite dish. I asked for him to take it away.

    I am fully aware that this may have been a one-time situation, but Marco's is definitely in my never-return category.

    I'm guessing that you were looking for Mississippi Belle, which is just down 54th a little bit west of where you were. And I would recommend them highly, even though I've only had their sides. My husband loves their fried chicken.

  2. If you liked Marco's tenderloin, you must go next door - to the Pawn Shop. Their tenderloin is my favorite in Indy. Order it with onion rings, or, they often have a special of half a tenderloin and a cup of beer cheese soup. On a nice day, their porch is hard to beat.

  3. Never been to Marco's on any night but Tuesday when they have "Cheap Meat Night" You get your choice of a salad(greek or tossed), a 6oz filet, and a side for $11. We always choose to sit on the bar side because the atmosphere is so fun. But definitely my favorite Tuesday spot.

  4. I have heard of this cheap meat night...may have to give it a try...

    and put the Pawn Shop on "the list."

  5. I just had the Pawn Shop Tenderloin a few weeks ago. I don't know if I had a bad one, but it was overfried and too crispy, which made me sad as I've heard so much about it. My favorite is still Moe and Johnny's.

    As for Marco's, I've always thought it was just ok, but I haven't had their tenderloin.

  6. I was going to clue you in to cheap meat night, but zwilks beat me to it! I will have to try the tenderloin though, looks great.

    I lived near there for years, and I'm pretty sure I always thought the Pawn Shop was.. a pawn shop... I'll have to head over to try that as well. :)

  7. Have you tried the tenderloin at Ike & Jonesy's? They are know ln for their tenderloins in the Indy area!!