Friday, September 4, 2009

Workingman's Friend

One of the first places that was recommended to me when I first moved here 3 years ago was Workingman’s Friend. Described as a dive bar with really good burgers, I knew we had to get over there one of these days. Again, I thought for the longest time it was going to be really far away, but it turns out it is really just west of the zoo, which is a place I seem to frequent a lot with my kids (not that you could take your kids to this place—it is a bar, and you have to be 21 to walk through the door).

True, from the outside it looks pretty divey, but the inside was much brighter and more airy than I would have thought. Old school for sure, and there were people smoking in there for sure (mostly the staff actually) but more of a diner style looking place on the inside (with a big bar). I’m sure at night, it is a bit different, but when I was there, it was about half full of businessmen (only a couple of women including me) and that was pretty much it. The servers were super friendly and accommodating and service was quite speedy.

So they have various bar type items on the menu, but I have always heard about the burgers because they are the thin burgers with the crispy edges (which are the only kind I would normally order). I don’t like those ginormous burgers that you can’t fit into your mouth, so I rarely order a burger out, with an occasional exception at Steak ‘n Shake with the kids.

Anyhow, I ordered a single with cheese and pickles (I love pickles) and a side of fries. We had also heard that the onion rings were really good so hubby ordered those and we agreed to share (gotta try the French fries also though just to give you, dear readers, as much info as possible!). The burger was as described—slightly thicker than the Steak ‘n Shake variety, but still quite thin and with crispy edges all around. The onion rings are of the beer battered type, and were really good and crispy. The fries were the frozen type, medium size and a waste when you can get those onion rings. Next time I am getting my own order of rings, and I am eating them all (not saying they might not have been previously frozen, but so tasty, I didn’t care one way or another). (By the way, sorry about the photos, camera was dead and had to use the phone).

Hubby had a double and wished he had gotten a single because they also added a third piece of bread in between making the sandwich borderline too big (and bready). He agreed on the assessment of the rings, and we both know exactly what we will get the next time. And there will be a next time.

Other items I saw at tables did not look as good (although I did overhear another patron rave to the waitress about the chili). The tenderloin sandwich looked like everything I don’t like in a tenderloin. Super thin, breaded and dry. No, if you are going here, you need to go with the burger. Seriously. And the rings. Oh, and if you were asking hubby, the goblet of beer.

Workingman’s Friend
234 N. Belmont Ave
Indy 46222

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  1. They have sweet potato fries here as well - try those next time you go!

  2. As a long time fan of the Friend, you can order the double without the middle bun and try the Big John (ham and cheese on a hoagie bun)with lettuce and mayo,

  3. just ate at Friend w/friend and heard of your blog - both old friends of your folks. I'm a vegetarian but still loe the Friend for
    1. salad w/oil & vinegar (I think it's just vegetable oil and white vinegar, but I salivate when I think of it)
    2. Ditto on the onion rings
    3. Grilled cheese on rye very good