Sunday, September 27, 2009


Just a quickie little review of our recent meal from Puccini’s. Puccini’s is another one of those pizza places that seems to do pretty well.. and it has several locations, including some outside Indiana.

Now the pizza we got, we have gotten before and really, is the sole reason I order from Puccini’s on occasion. Well, that and my kids LOVE their kid’s pastas.

So the pizza we get is called “twice baked” and has a regular pizza crust, sliced new potatoes, nice crispy bacon, smoked gouda cheese and green onions. And instead of a red sauce, it has a buttermilk ranch-type dressing. It is extremely rich, and a little decadent, but quite tasty nonetheless. The bacon is perfectly cooked (i.e. crispy) and really flavorful and I really like that the sauce is different. And the green onions add a little crunch to the texture that is nice. Really, though, if it was a regular pizza, I would find the crust to be unimpressive because it is pretty thick and doughy. But the way this pizza is, and the fact that the flavors are so atypical, makes you feel like you are eating an open faced sandwich or something. I like this pizza, but I wouldn’t order a traditional one here.

I have to say though, I really like that they offer several different pasta dishes on the kids menus and my kids love this place. We often get carry out of just the kids items when we have a babysitter. My daughter prefers the spinach/cheese ravioli with marinara. Her only complaint is that there are only 3 raviolis and she could clearly eat more. My son likes the fettucine alfredo and I have to say, they give you an enormous portion of that. He will eat it for several days. I included them in the pictures just to give you some idea.

You can eat at the restaurant, but seems a little sparse to me, and I think that most people must carry out, because there usually aren’t many people in there when I pick up. They do deliver as well though, but sometimes can be slow (although on the night we ordered we had it in less than 15 minutes!).

Puccini’s Smiling Teeth
Clearwater Crossing (and several locations)
Northwest corner of 82nd and Dean
Indy 46240


  1. I really like their salads. Their Italian dressing is delicious.

  2. My family loves Puccini's. When they first opened, there wasn't much on the pizza scene other than the national chains. I'm glad they've lasted. The food and staff have been consistently good through the years. House salad and either Bar 20 or Panama Red for me.

  3. I am love their sweet lil razorback pizza!