Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Capital Grille

This was my second trip to Capital Grille in the Conrad Hotel downtown. Because there are two things on the menu that hubby and I really really like, we sorta knew what we would order before we got there. Well, almost.

I'll start by telling you my two favorite things are the truffle fries (the waitress actually asked us if we wanted them "truffle or regular." People, if you are eating them "regular" you are really missing out) and the lobster mac and cheese. We had them the first time and they do not disappoint. There was even more lobster this time then the first too which was much appreciated. The truffle fries are served in a cone of paper("frites style") and are nice and crisp. The mac and cheese is very rich and creamy with a nice crunch on top which adds those textures I love.

We also shared a steak--a filet to be precise. The small one (10 oz is hardly small in my book, but whatever). I appreciate the fact that we could share these things between two and be very full and still have a bit left over (of the sides, not the steak). I am also aware that there are those who disagree with me on the whole portion size issue and for those folks, order your own main and you will be more than satisfied I assure you.

OK, now I realize that I am sort of going backwards here, but I think I am doing in subconsciously in order of how good the food was. For a starter we shared the fried calamari (which is enough for at least 3, if not 4, people) and it was good, but not great. There were some nice peppers mixed in which gave it a unique flavor. I would skip it next time and try something new. I could not go there without the mac and cheese and truffle fries however.

We didn't do dessert as there was nothing that really struck my fancy--but all in all they were pretty classic steakhouse desserts. Cheesecake, key lime pie, creme brulee, etc.

All in all a very satisfying meal, even if it is a chain. Sigh. Oh! And check out the little fruit candies on your way out--I love those things. They are awesome!

The Capital Grille
40 West Washington Street

And they're on which I love.

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