Sunday, May 4, 2008

Broad Ripple Steakhouse

******ED NOTE: THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED AS OF MAY 2010****************

We recently went to Broad Ripple Steakhouse with some friends before a recent show at the Vogue. I was excited for hubby to try it, as the last time I went (several months ago) with a friend, I thought it was quite good. I also appreciate the fact that it is one of the few non-chain steakhouses around (and there are SO many of the chain variety).

From my first visit, I recalled the steaks being very large so hubby and I split a filet and ordered an appetizer of fried oysters. The oysters were okay, but really more fried then oyster, if you know what I mean. We got the blue cheese crusted filet to share as well as the asiago cheese potato stack and sauteed mushrooms. Honestly, I think the mushrooms were the best thing we had. It was all quite disappointing. First of all, the size of the steak (which they nicely cut in half for us on our own plates) was quite small. If you know anything about me, one of the few things I would ever complain about is food being too small around here--usually it is the opposite. I guess it was our mistake for splitting. And the "blue cheese crust" was more like bread crumb crust as far as I could tell. I could barely taste any blue cheese in it. The potatoes were pretty good, but nothing outstanding.

We did have the molten chocolate cake (one of my dining companions requirements at every restaurant that offers it) and it was also quite small. Tasty (after they brought a second one after apparently the kitchen overcooked the first), but small.

Several days later (not being one to ruin nice company with talk of sub-par food) I asked my friend what she thought and she was also disappointed.

The restaurant was pleasantly busy, and has a very nicer interior. The service and wine list was quite good as well. However, I won't be rushing back any time soon for the food.

Broad Ripple Steakhouse
929 E. Westfield Blvd

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