Monday, January 22, 2018

Uptown Café

You know, I had noticed that the old Binford Café near my house had a new sign and that it was now called Uptown Café. And then on instagram, my online friend @frangsty told me that she went, and really liked it. Hubby and I tried it the very next day. It is so close to our house and we are always on the scout out for new breakfast places!

So it’s a small little place—not a lot of atmosphere to it, but the servers are really nice and were right there to fill up your coffee. My only real knock is that it is just a rectangular storefront, and in this really cold weather, whenever someone opened the front door, a gust of cold air shot through the place. They might want to invest in a curtain or some sort of entry area that is blocked a bit. Most of the year it is probably fine, but was a bit chilly when we were there.

I just went with my classic breakfast to see how it compared to other favorites. I had two eggs over easy, bacon, hash browns and homemade white toast ($9.29). They make a lot of stuff from scratch, and the bread is one of them. They also do fresh-squeezed OJ. If you’re a jam person, they also give you a little side of homemade strawberry jam with your toast. My breakfast was pretty much spot on. The eggs were cooked just right, the hash browns were brown and crispy on the outside, and the toast was light and delicious. The bacon looked a little suspect, but it actually had a good flavor and was pleasantly crunchy. I love a glass of fresh-squeezed OJ, and this one while not as sweet as you hope for, was a very generous amount for the price. You can’t really control the sweetness of an orange after all.

Hubby tried the corned beef hash bowl ($8.49) and was quite happy. It was an interesting take of the shredded (hash brown) potatoes, the corned beef and lots of onions (no peppers, which made him happy). They also added Swiss cheese to the mix, giving the whole thing a sort of reuben flavor. He really enjoyed it for sure. He loves corned beef hash and this was one of his favorites.

We also got a piece of quiche ($7.49) to go to take home to my son—this was the only real let down we had food-wise. It just tasted like it had been microwaved, which made the crust a bit soft and the eggs a bit chewy. I just don’t think eggs and microwaves really mix. It really needed to be heated in the oven.

Overall though, for a good solid basic breakfast option within just a few miles of our house (hooray!), this place is getting added to the rotation for sure. I think once the word gets out, it will do very well.

Uptown Café
6404 Rucker Road
Indy  46220



  1. "I just don’t think eggs and microwaves really mix."

    100% agree. And I can think of a lot more things that don't microwave well.

    And I can only think of one thing that microwaves are good for. Reheating coffee.

  2. I just noticed this place the other day and will definitely check it out. We really like Just Judy’s for an inexpensive, basic diner type breakfast, and this sounds like a good option for a next level up breakfast. Thanks for the post!

  3. So glad you made it and enjoyed it! We've been a second time since I alerted you to it. I order a basic breakfast, as well. The first time, it was scrambled eggs, hash browns, and an english muffin. I opted for a biscuit the second time; I think the english muffin was better. Next time, I am going to switch out the bread for a pancake. The manager (owner?) also told us he makes the cookies from scratch, so we tried out a chocolate chip and an oatmeal raisin. I like a little more cinnamon in my oatmeal raisin cookies, but I'd go for the chocolate chip again!