Monday, August 7, 2017

Sahm's Place - Revisit

Sometimes you just need a high quality fried sandwich. And the other day I was meeting a friend and that’s what I wanted, so we headed to Sahm’s. My go to fried sandwich there is the buffalo chicken sandwich ($9.49)—they have a very tender chicken patty that is dipped in buffalo sauce and served with blue cheese (or ranch depending on your preference). They know how to do it just right. The knot bun is good, the chicken is good, and dipping it in blue cheese is perfect. I love their pickles as well, and always ask for extra. I also love the fried mushrooms on the side—they are the only place that I know of in Indy that does fried mushrooms and does them well. They give you this mild, creamy horseradish sauce to dip them in too. When I need some fried stuff, this is my go to.

My friend had the Cuban sandwich, which I will have to say was quite delicious as well. I think it was a special that day—but it had very tender pork, lots of cheese and the requisite pickles and mustard. The bread was toasted nicely (I think they just turned a bun inside out but it still was tasty). And another order of mushrooms, because seriously, those things are great.

Sahm’s is a great place to go to get quality American pub-type food. The ingredients are good and many of the products (and beer etc.) are local. Plus, they do a lot to support the community, and I think that’s pretty cool.

So what’s your favorite Sahm’s item?

Sahm’s Place
2411 East 65th Street (and several other locations)
Indy  46220


  1. Jessica in ArcadiaAugust 7, 2017 at 7:03 AM

    I love Sahm's in Fishers, and agree that anything they fry is delicious. Love their fried mushrooms and cauliflower, and the homemade dipping sauces are great. Fried chicken dinner is huge and very tasty. They also have a nice prime rib sandwich.

  2. Any version of their fried chicken sandwich is outstanding, including the aforementioned buffalo chicken. Some of the Sahm's locations even have or will make a breaded chicken cordon bleu sandwich as well. Sometimes I even get a little crazy and ask for a buffalo chicken cordon bleu sandwich, which is just as phenomenal.