Monday, April 10, 2017

Road Trip: Pearl Street Pub: Oldenburg, IN

On our endless quest to find all the restaurants in the Oldenburg area, we finally hit the Pearl Street Pub. We’ve had drinks there before, and even tried to eat there once, but it was taco night, and we didn’t want tacos. This time we went on a Wednesday and found the place completely packed. It’s a pub, but the bar area is small, and most of the restaurant was full of families (we found out later the church across the street has some event every Wednesday and that is why it was so crowded). We literally got the last table by the door. Because it was so busy, our service was a bit lacking. She was nice, but extremely harried, and there were long delays in between ordering drinks and food. 

Anyway, once we settled in on our order, we were happy to catch up with our friends from Cincinnati (this is why we go to Oldenburg, to meet them halfway). We ordered fried pickles to start as well as the pretzels and cheese dip. The fried pickles were strange. They were cut like French fries—long ways. Someone stuck a pickle in a French fry cutter. They tasted pretty good, although hubby and I argued whether they are actually making them there or getting them from food supply because I have never seen fried pickles done like this anywhere else.  The pretzels were fine. I am guessing these are definitely food supply though. Taste like one you’d get at the ballpark. Not bad mind you, but not homemade.
The burgers sounded like the way to go because the menu specifically mentioned that the meat is local and “hand pattied” every day. So hubby ordered the Pearl Burger and I got a buffalo chicken sandwich and we were going to share. Well, let’s just say my instinct was correct. The burger was spot on—tender and topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce and tarter sauce. My buffalo chicken sandwich was not good. It was served on a hoagie roll and I am pretty sure they just took foodservice chicken tenders and cut them up into hunks and then drowned them in buffalo sauce. There was so much sauce, it was insane (and really spicy) and the chicken ended up kind of hard and dry. Pass on this one. Stick with the burgers here.  Hubby was very happy (he ate most of the burger before I could get my fair share) and said he would happily come back. He had onion rings, and they were those breaded kind. Probably also come in frozen in a bag. It wasn’t the best experience for me, but if I go back, I will certainly get my own burger (or a patty melt). 

I didn’t track the prices very well but splitting the two apps with our friends, a burger, my chicken sandwich and two drinks each—Me and hubby’s bill was right above $40. 

So next visit, we’re thinking about visiting the re-opened Sherman House. Anyone been there since the remodeling?

Pearl Street Pub
3034 Pearl Street
Oldenburg, IN 47036

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