Monday, August 1, 2016

Turf Catering & Kitchen

I randomly heard about this place after seeing a tweet from them. I was shocked to find out that there was some sort of independent lunch place in Castleton that I didn’t know about. My friend Suzanne and I met up to check it out. Apparently they have been doing catering for several years now but more recently have started serving several lunch items as well. 

The menu is very interesting—it definitely has a hearty edge to it, focusing a lot on various smoked meats that are done in house. We split a couple of sandwiches and also could not pass up the pimento cheese dip ($2 upgrade or $4 on its own), as we are both big fans in general. It is technically listed as a side, but we  subbed it out for one of our sides of chips (that normally come with every sandwich). The pimento cheese was very good. Nice and creamy and with a pleasant amount of kick from the pimento. They served it with thinly sliced toasted bread, but honestly, I think I enjoyed eating it with the chips that we also got as the other side to one of the sandwiches.

The chips are housemade and cooked a little on the dark side, giving them a bit more depth of flavor than most chips, which we debated whether we liked better or worse, but honestly they really grew on you and we finished all of them. Like I said, their salty edge was a nice accompaniment to the pimento cheese and they were thick enough to stand up to it

The first sandwich we had was the short rib grilled cheese ($12) with braised short rib meat, red onion jam and butterkase cheese. It was served on grilled thinly sliced Cuban water bread. This is a flavor bomb for sure. There’s a lot of rich and hearty tastes going on here as well as a slightly sweet edge from the red onion jam. The meat was nicely seasoned and quite tender. If you’re a short rib person, this is a sandwich for you.

We also ordered the ham and salmon croque ($12) and it was quite a hearty rich sandwich as well. Inside the sandwich was smoked salmon, black forest ham, Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and béchamel sauce. And if that wasn’t enough as far as decadence goes, they also grilled cheese right on the edges of the brioche slices of bread. Wow. There was a lot going on in that sandwich, but it was quite unique and tasty. We didn’t agree on which we liked best (she liked the short rib, I liked the salmon), but we agreed that they were both really rich and that the portions are large. Honestly, I would likely split one sandwich in the future (really want to try the burgers) although then I don’t get to try as many things.

There’s a pretty minimal amount of seating in there—a counter with four or five barstools and then one looking out the window with another couple and one small table with a few more stools. Although it seemed most of their business was carry out from the businesses around them (it is right next to a car place and just behind Arby’s if you’re looking for it).

If you like a manly sandwich with a bit of a unique and gourmet edge to it, you should go try this place. If you have already been, let me know what you have eaten and liked so I can narrow down my choices for the next time.

Turf Catering & Kitchen
8155 Castleway Court, Suite C
Indy  46250

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